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Last Wednesday, University Defeated 2-0 Lima Alliance And Ligue 1 Betsson were crowned champions of 2023. While the majority of ‘Merengues’ footballers celebrated after achieving this new title, others were surprised by their statements. Jose Carvalho. Amidst the celebrations at Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, the cream goalkeeper confirmed his departure from the student team. However, a few days after the goalkeeper’s words, an Aet executive said, Jean FerrariThe goalkeeper’s departure has not been confirmed, he said, adding that he could be part of the 2024 plan.

As recalled, the 37-year-old footballer surprised Merengues fans with his statements, recalling the seasons when he had to live in a cream shirt. “Let u celebrate it, I’m a huge fan. Very happy to become champion after 10 years. I had to lose the final, I had to lose the final. It was very hard to absorb. God gave me this opportunity. I always dreamed of it. At 18 I won my first Classic and today I played my last Classic toon“, under control.

however, Jean Ferrari He assured that the departure of the experienced goalkeeper was not yet confirmed and indicated that he was in talks over a renewal. “We are talking to (Jose) Carvalho and his exit is not closedHe mentioned this in an interview with Nativa’s program ‘Timbo Crema’.

But that’s not the only good news for the Universitario, as it also confirmed a renewal Williams Riveros, Rodrigo Urena Y Marco Saravia. In the same way, Matthias de Benedetto, Louis Urruthi, Andy Polo Y Jose Rivera “They will follow the same path, considering it a fundamental part of the integration plan for 2024.”We are focusing on renovations”, he emphasized.

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About Yoshimar’s interest in Yotún

Jean Ferrari He also took the opportunity to mention his interest in Sports University By Yoshimar Yotún, current footballer of Sporting Crystal. Of course, the student body executive assured that he was in talks with the national midfielder. Recent reports by Joel RaffoRemen’s team captain pointed out that ‘Yoshi’ is an irreplaceable player.

As a player of Yotún’s type, there is nothing to hide and we have already started a conversation with his representative. If there is a type clause in the contract and the player has the intention, let alone Joel Raffo.“, he said.

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