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The chain of cafeterias with more than 37,000 stores worldwide celebrated its 20th anniversary in Peru, the first of the American chains in South America in 2003, opening its first store in Óvalo Gutierrez. While starting its regional route in Peru, Tom Ferguson, president and senior vice president of Starbucks, commented that our country is a very suitable market for Starbucks. Starbucks For Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since then, the chain’s growth in Peru, operated by the Delosi Group, has exploded. Today there are 111 stores across the country. 94 of them are in the capital. For the next few years, Starbucks Peru’s brand manager, Christel Delgado, says the goal will be to expand the brand to reach more provinces in the country.

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This year, one in five stores will be in a new part of the country, according to the chain’s estimates. So far, with five stores in Sigleo, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Cuzco, Huancayo, Buera and Trujillo, Arequipa. “We want to grow and gain national experience where we are not and where we can be, find out where we are building stores with full experience or regular intervals with stores with all channels or distribution areas.”, maintains the administration.

Delgado says all new stores will come with Greener Store certification, making more efficient use of resources in each store. Today they have stores with this certification, including Av. The new store in Los Frutales (La Molina) will open next week.

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Cristel Delgado, Brand Manager, Starbucks Peru.

Being in the national market for 20 years has allowed us to analyze and learn more about Peruvian consumers and their preferences, and to observe the styles that best suit the lifestyle of each area they decide to visit. Starbucks.

AThere are stores where consumers are not looking for large ‘communities’ (tables) but more private spaces, or not necessarily opening a store with full amenities, but we know what consumers want. Some of the ‘small format’ (no lobby or tables) were very comfortable in some places and a full experience store in another.Ace”, he opined. However, of course, to reach new cities, it is important to come up with a complete experience so that the consumer interacts with the brand.

With this, he assures that the stores are now strengthened and aim to continue meeting these needs with regular customers. The pandemic, he says, has brought some learning and changes to his stores. For example, some had to relocate. Some locals saw their fortune in the clerk’s life. The pandemic, he says, “helped us continue to evolve how we did things.”

Expanding the application

In recent years, the brand has improved communication with its customers in the country through digital media. For example, Starbucks seeks to offer rewards and benefits in a more personalized way with its Rewards app. This year, Starbucks Peru will relaunch its Starbucks Rewards program, which will provide customers with interactions that encourage access and an enhanced experience, according to Delosi CEO Rodrigo Izaci.

Average ticket consumption in the country is US$3. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

With the relaunch of the scheme, customers will be able to choose their preferred payment method, accumulate benefits and access various convenience channels. For example, Delgado expects users to recharge and pay for purchases through the app, order coffee for delivery, extend their purchases at the same store through the app, and even pay for their orders. They should be carried from home or office Rewards are available for shopping, as well as for purchases or special days.

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These new features will be seen this year. In the coming weeks, the first big change will be made, with the biggest MOP change coming in the following months, which will allow programming drinks and takeaways to strengthen the experience with customers.”, forward.

Peruvian origin coffee

At the end of June, The brand is presented by Starbucks Peru Mujeres de Junin, The first Peruvian coffee grown and developed exclusively by women (under the Starbucks brand) to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary in the country. The medium roast coffee is grown by a group of more than 130 women coffee farmers who are part of a producers’ association called “Kaniari”.

The coffee will be available in Peru until August 21, 2023 and will be available in 20 markets in the region. According to the company, its stores have been serving Peruvian coffee since 1971, with blends from the Sanchamayo region on the company’s original menu.

Climatic issues of the El Nino phenomenon and the possible appearance of pests such as rust affecting coffee and its price; As Delgado comments, what really worries his ‘partners’ is, But they also review ways to reduce these effects.

For example, we are a market that has challenged itself to find multiple capabilities during the post-pandemic events. We don’t have big roasters and here we do this work, for example, which is usually sent back to other countries to be roasted later.”, Indica.

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