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Government of Israel It accepted the deal with the Islamist group this Tuesday Hamas For the release of 50 people abducted in the Strip GazaIn exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners and a four-day ceasefire.

A few hours before the announcement, Hamas I already expected”ball“was”In this field Israel” after the group informed the mediators of its position on the agreement Qatar Y Egypt.

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All members of the Prime Minister’s Executive Committee Benjamin Netanyahu All but three ministers voted in favor of exchange and armistice Jewish Power Party (Otzma Yehudit), far-right and Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir.

While the terms of the deal, which Qatar will announce in the next few hours, are not known, information leaked to Israeli media indicates the deal includes the release of at least 50 hostages, mostly children and their mothers. With a ceasefire of at least four days, it may be extended for several more days.

Hamas will take the hostages through the crossing into Egypt Rafa From there they will be transferred to Israel in groups of ten daily.

For its part, Israel to release 150 Palestinian prisonersAnd mostly women and minors go unpunished for blood crimes.

Also, the military promises not to fly over it Gaza Strip Six hours a day while the cease-fire is in effect will allow hostages from other armed groups, such as Hamas, to be found. Islamic Jihad.

According to some estimates, Hamas is holding between 210 and 240 hostages Palestinian Islamic Jihad Reduces power to about 30

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According to the Hebrew press, the agreement also includes the entry of 100 to 300 trucks with food and medical aid and fuel into the Strip, including the northern part.

More information: A renowned doctor from Al Shifa Hospital died in an Israeli bombing while staying in Gaza and caring for patients.

Similarly, according to Israeli public television, a temporary ceasefire will begin on Thursday, giving the government 24 hours to present possible appeals before the decision. Supreme Court.

No soldiers or men would be released, nor would the bodies of dead hostages be recovered. However, the media reported that they could exchange elderly men with foreign citizenship and hostages.

Another issue highlighted by the Israeli press is that Hamas must provide the names of those who will be released a day in advance.

Netanyahu made the pledge before a cabinet meeting Red Cross He would visit the abductees and provide medical aid to them.

Ahead of his cabinet discussions, the prime minister promised to accept the deal, which has been under discussion for a month, according to Hamas.It was a tough decision, but it was the right one.”.

However, Netanyahu warned that the ceasefire would not mean the end of the offensive, which has left more than 14,000 dead, including more than 5,000 children.

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After the moratorium on returning the hostages, a lot of nonsense is being said about ending the war. Well, let’s be clear: we are at war, and we will continue to fight. We will continue the war until we achieve all of our war goals: eliminate HamasReturn all our hostages and missing persons and ensure that there is no element in Gaza that threatens Israel.Netanyahu said before the meeting.

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The suspension comes after weeks of pressure from the international community and major international organizations United NationsTo end the incessant attacks that have displaced more than 1.5 million people.

Israel declared war on Hamas after the Islamist group launched an attack against Israel October 7More than 1,200 people died and 240 were abducted Gaza.

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