Startups and technology centers show the potential of Navarrese R&D&i at the Exchange, the European forum for science, technology and innovation that takes place these days in Malaga.

Twelve start-ups and technology centers are with the Government of Navarra relocation, the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation takes place in Malaga from today until next Friday the 22nd. The delegation is led by the Minister of Industry and Environment and Business Digital Transformation, Michael Irujo; and Universities Minister, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Patricia Fanlow. During the fair, several tables will be held where members of the government and their accompanying companies will present the potential of the region.

The European Business and Innovation Center (CEIN), a public company of Navarra, and ADItech, the SINAI coordinator, attended the forum together with the government. Additionally, startups Nucups, Celsos, Ingredalia and Fuvex are also participating. As for other companies, IRIS Navarra, Digital Innovation Pole are also on the stand; Navarra Health Cluster; Nair Centre; National Center for Food Technology and Health (CNTA), Edex Food Innovation Center; and the Transfer Office of the University of Navarra.

Councilor Irujo used the event to highlight that “the work done by Navarre companies in terms of R&D makes them competitive in the global market”. Irujo also wanted to highlight “the great Navarre ecosystem created by the companies, technology and research centers and management that provide assistance and tax breaks to create this R&D.” Finally, the consultant wanted to emphasize the point that “ecological and digital transformation should be the path for our companies to follow, because companies that do not follow that path will disappear”.

For his part, Minister Fanlow said, “Navarra has been able to position itself among the 100 most innovative European regions thanks to strong public investment in R&D&I, as well as highly qualified human capital, an attractive research environment and a firm commitment to digitization.” In this sense, Fanlow said, “its commitment, desire and Thanks to the work carried out by the Navarre R&D&I Organization (SINAI), which works with the Government of Navarre for a new economic and social model based on dedication, science and technology. and innovation.”

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Scheduled events

In addition to participating in their own position, different members of the government will participate in various talks and presentations during the forum, where they will present all Navara's capabilities in terms of R&D&I.

Councilor Irujo, who will be the first to participate, will give a presentation on “R&D&I in Navarra” this afternoon. It will describe all the tools that startups and technology centers in the Foral community need to develop their R&D&i, including a call for help for strategic R&D projects worth 17 million; and a call for aid for R&D projects, with a budget of 13 million. To this we must add the tax deductions on R&D&I, which will reach 42 million euros in 2023.

This Thursday the 21st there will be a roundtable on “Creating technology-driven and deep-tech companies in Navarre”. Ecosystem Opportunities”, where the entire Navarre R&D&I ecosystem will be located. The General Director of Energy, Business R&D&I and Entrepreneurship, Uxue Itoiz will participate; General Director of Science, Technology and Innovation, Agurtzen Martinez; Miguel angel Cubero, CEO and co-founder of Ingredalia; Inaki Iduria, Genbioma's R&D Director; and Francisco Javier de Mateo, Sales Manager of Celsos. María Sanz de Galdeano, executive director of CEIN, will manage the table and will aim to show opportunities for companies looking to improve their services in Navarre.

Next, Minister Fanelo will participate in the round table “Keys to Spanish public funding in research and innovation”, where he will present Navarra's strengths around this issue. In particular, it will allocate almost 410 million euros to R&D in 2022, and this will increase. 5% compared to previous year. This, with 610 euros, ranks fourth in internal spending on R&D per citizen in Spain, which is significantly higher than the national average (402 euros). Among other issues, Fanlo faces challenges. Public funding, as well as open channels for collaboration between different administrations with the aim of developing and improving R&D&I resources.

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Exchange forum

The European Forum for Exchange, Science, Technology and Innovation is the leading event in research, development and innovation in Southern Europe, where valuable scientific and technological knowledge is shared, promotes innovation and establishes links between science and the business world.

This year marks the thirteenth edition and will bring together more than 500 companies and institutions from the R&D&i ecosystem. In addition to the different stages, the forum also has a program of presentations and conferences, in which more than 440 innovation-related experts are expected to participate.

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