“Let’s seize the opportunities of technology and look to the future with confidence”

Once again, panic has settled into our society. This time it was created The fear is that artificial intelligence will replace most of our jobs. It’s not easy to stay calm, but panicking means demeaning yourself. A more relevant distinction between humans and artificial intelligence is what I like to call ‘consciousness’; That inner voice It basically speaks to you from within feelings. Let us not deceive ourselves; ‘Feeling’ plays a very important role in our decisions.

Well, AI doesn’t have that ‘sense’. Why do I say that? We underestimate ourselves? Because we do not know the position we should occupy as human beings. If we see First industrial revolution We see humans manning countless assembly lines. Don’t you think our abilities exceed those functions? I think so, which is why succumbing to panic, in this case, demeans ourselves.

I am an analytical person and I enjoy Consult data to make decisionsBut sometimes, data isn’t everything. Imagine that decisions are made exclusively with data. It’s all very simple. But no, because many variables like empathy, feelings, trust or loyalty come into play.

I think we are in moments of revolution, not crisis. Another may think the opposite, but in that case it means that they face changes as threats, not opportunities. There’s a lot of talk about how many jobs artificial intelligence will “‘take’ away from us, but what about the jobs it will create?” I claim. An optimistic vision for the future We take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers us.

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Over the years, we realize that this revolution has created many things Opportunities and benefits for humansLet’s realize that artificial intelligence puts us where we need to be: thinking, choosing, negotiating and organizing.

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