Taina Fields, Peruvian adult film actress, dies

Taina Fields, Peruvian adult film actress, dies
The death of Tyna Fields has been confirmed in Trujillo. (Photo: IG capture)

Taina fields, an actress in the adult film industry in Peru, died this Saturday, January 6. The news was confirmed by various media outlets in Trujillo City. Likewise, fans of popular 'Sinita' also mourned her death.

The actress gained more visibility when she was interviewed on the show 'Supetin Trujillo', was characterized by its entertainment activities that included heavy sexual content. Also, thanks for being the face of the producer Milk PeruGained huge number of followers on social media.

Taina Fields is one of the most recognized adult film actresses in Peru. (Photo: IG capture)

Newspaper Republic contacted Alejandra Sweet To know more details about this unfortunate incident. The creator of the content could only say that the information was true, but she couldn't say much. “As I am saddened by this news, I cannot give further details.”Influence said.

And, through their stories Instagram, posted a detailed message in which he asked his followers to pray for the adult film actress. “Friends, I only ask you to pray for those who truly appreciate her and not see her sick. “From where he is, I'm sure he's a little angel,” he said.

Alejandra Sweet takes to Instagram to address Taina Fields' death.

Milk PeruThe producer who brought the famous 'Sinita' to fame also expressed sadness at this fact and hinted that they believed it was all a dream as they refused to believe that the actress would no longer be with them.

“We can't believe this, we refuse to be without you, we want to see you one more time, my 'Cheenis'. We hope someone will wake us up from this bad dream, you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life. We love you, my cynics”, you can read in the publication.

Finally, Greta SweetDeputy Taina fields, like his other colleagues expressed his sadness. “You escaped my sight but never my heart, Sinita,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Milky Peru bids farewell to Taina Fields. (Photo: IG capture)

Although Taina fields He gained great popularity in the world of adult cinema, little information about his personal life was known. For this reason, her family did not comment on the matter, especially the reasons for the death of the adult film actress.

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Some media in the city Trujillo They already have a hypothesis about what happened to 'Sinita', but this information is not supported by the authorities. At this time, the reasons for the death of this artist are not clear.

In an interview eight months ago Network lightEmojis TV, Abigail (her real name) admitted she was a victim Sexual abuse After starting his career in adult industry. Likewise, he admitted that he would eventually see a psychiatrist.

Taina fields She is one of the most visible adult film actresses in Peru. Her real name is Abigail. He was born in Trujillo and stood out in videos Milk Peru, a renowned adult entertainment producer. In the films she appeared in, she usually found herself in funny and bombastic situations.

Similarly, the popular 'Sinita' is a very active user of social networking sites. In Instagram managed to gain a significant number of followers TikTok I will upload videos of dances and challenges that I highly recommend. He gained more than 225 thousand followers on this last platform. She was 24 or 25 years old, this information is not very clear because she never gave her date of birth.

Taina Fields, Peruvian adult film actress, dies.

Being an adult content actress, Taina Fields said it “Too complicated”, Think about men who are especially sexist.

“Honestly, you either get him to accept your job or you get 'Cafficho' who says my love, you work but I profit from you, or you get toxic people who say yes, normal, me. Let yourself work, and then he'll tell you, “Be jealous or he'll beat you, it's true of actresses, we're better off alone,” Fields said.

He revealed this condition in an interview with the actress Trujillo's YouTube channel “Emojis TV”, he admitted that his current situation is that he is without a partner and that he does not officially have anyone as he always maintains a relationship with “his sugars”. He also said that he is not in love. This interview was given in May last year.

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