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Guatemala has strengthened its fight against illegal trade through the use of cutting-edge technology and collaborative work. Posts of Internal Enterprise Control (PCI), airports, customs, ports and border areas of national territory. It allowed the seizure of goods worth Q31.8 million between January and September this year.

This achievement was a result of the measures taken in 1869 aimed at abolishing the traffic of contraband in the country.

The work is coordinated by the Inter-agency Council for the Prevention and Combating of Tax Fraud and Customs Smuggling (GOICON). Ministries of Home Affairs (Mingo) and National Security, The Supervision of Tax Administration (SAT), He Ministry of Public (MP), Attorney General’s Office (PGN) and other events.

Employees of the Nidhi Chemical Laboratory found faeces, modified liquors and cigarettes containing modified products. Through this, the negative impact on the health of the citizens was prevented. Werner Ovalle Superintendent of Customs of SAT


By 2023, inter-agency work will include 1,679 road operations, 116 asset inspections, 70 customs operations and interventions, and 4 bilateral missions. Also, 335 complaints have been received through National Civil Police (PNC) phone numbers 110 and SAT’s 1550 and email. [email protected] and portal

SAT Customs Mayor, Werner Florencio Ovalle Ramírez, highlighted the importance of coordination. As information exchange is organized effectively, operations are carried out in a better manner and better results are obtained using sophisticated technology.

“In a recent study, the private sector has reported a 38 percent reduction in trafficking so far in 2023 compared to 2022. This shows that we are on the right track with this phenomenon and the collective work on habits. Fraud,” said Ovalle Ramírez.

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The approximate value of the seized items is 31.8 million quetzals.

Police work

Helver Romero Peltetan Moscoso, head of the General Sub-Directorate of Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis (SGAIA) of the PNC, said the use of biometric devices and scanner systems has been fundamental in the aforementioned mission and war. of criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking, organized crime and transnational crime.

Beltetón Moscoso highlighted that agents use these devices to guarantee public safety and check pending arrest warrants. In addition, they help detect illegal goods, firearms and merchandise entering national borders, evading related restrictions.

This coordination between government agencies and private companies strengthens the fight against the aforementioned crimes and guarantees the health and safety of citizens by detecting substances that may endanger their well-being. At the same time, they contribute to the facilitation of legal trade in the national territory and the promotion of a secure economic environment.

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The application of science is fundamental in the fight against illegal trade, criminal groups and structures.
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