Technology for children's socio-emotional and cognitive development

By Fernando Garzón @fergarzon

The quality of attachment between a boy or girl and his caregiver is an indicator of the minor's quality of life.

A secure attachment is characterized by a relationship of trust, respect and love between children and their caregivers, which gives them emotional security and enables them to explore the world with curiosity and joy.

To achieve this objective, technology becomes a great ally, an example of which is a three-month intervention led by the United Way, using Storybook App technology, which was able to demonstrate that there are viable solutions in Latin America by 2023. Achieving an unprecedented impact on the well-being of children worldwide.

It was implemented with a team of scientific researchers who verified that continuous use of this app achieved exceptional results in improving safe communication between parents and children and in the quality and quantity of children's sleep.

This mobile application integrates technology and children's pedagogy to promote children's socio-emotional and cognitive development.

Through relaxation techniques and audio stories with positive messages between primary caregiver and child, it improves children's sleep and helps create a calm and learning environment, strengthening important skills such as empathy and resilience in the first years of life.

Together with the Storybook app, United Way has helped thousands of children get enough sleep and significantly improve their emotional health.

After giving access to the application to nearly 2,000 families from 19 children's homes in Medellin, subsequent impact measurements showed that the secure attachment of children who used the application increased from 35% to 94%, while the quality and quantity of sleep of the children they visited increased from 29% to 82%.

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An unprecedented advance in pediatric sleep therapy.

Before the intervention, only 3 out of 10 children slept enough, and after experiencing the benefits of the app, this number increased significantly to 8 out of 10 children.

These changes, beyond the numbers; They are real-life stories that reflect the best start for children and have a lasting impact throughout their development.

This isn't the first time the app has shown its potential to have a significant impact on children's lives.

In another study by researchers at the Catholic University of Ecuador, they concluded that about 95% of children who used a storybook improved their secure attachment with their caregivers.

The collaboration between United Way and Storybook App is an example not only of innovation, but of trust and commitment.

Implementing digital solutions brings great benefits for social impact and can be distributed on a large scale without requiring support and allows reaching hundreds of thousands of families with an effective program.


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