Technology is fueling access to digital reading

Technology is fueling access to digital reading

One of the reasons some people stop reading is the investment required to purchase printed books. However, technological advances allowed the development of digital reading.

Mexico.- Digital reading has become an increasingly popular option for lovers of literature, thanks to its greater accessibility and economic benefits.

Juan Carlos HeluCreative Director From the novelIt highlights that literature is the second field of entertainment, and technology plays an important role in expanding its reach.

One reason some people stop reading is the investment required to purchase printed books. However, technological advances have allowed the growth of digital reading, opening up an ever-expanding battlefield.

While many people still prefer having a physical book as a work of art, migrating to a digital format offers significant advantages.

Mauricio AnguloVice President Education and Culture of the Mexican Internet Society (Amipci), emphasizes that the paper book and the digital book do not compete, but coexist in the literary space.

Digital literature responds to the cultural and social changes experienced in today’s world. Additionally, digital books eliminate the costs of printing, inking, distribution, and placement in bookstores, which translates into cost savings for readers. According to Angulo, going digital can save at least 20% of the overall cost of an average book.

Space is an important factor to consider, especially for city dwellers with small homes.

Digital books eliminate the need for physical storage, as well as the maintenance and disposal issues of print books. In addition, the digital format offers the advantage of accessing books from anywhere at any time, which is especially useful for frequent travelers.

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Andres BarriosCo-Founder Nubler MediaAccess to books can be difficult for some people, because of the price or the difficulty of finding the reading they want.

Digital literature It is presented as a catalyst to renew the taste for reading, providing more accessible and varied options. Additionally, the digital format allows for greater customization in terms of text size, wallpaper, and the ability to easily share notes and content.

Currently, a variety of platforms and devices facilitate the transition from paper to screen, providing innovative and low-cost options.

These alternatives include monthly subscription services that provide access to millions of books, audiobooks, and comics, as well as self-publishing platforms that encourage interactions between authors and readers.

At the endTechnology has made the field of literature accessible to a greater number of people.

The digital format has removed economic and spatial barriers, allowing readers to find content of their interest at low cost and to personalize their reading experience.

Digital literature is presented as an intellectual option to expend the taste for reading and start again, offering a wide range of possibilities and a cultural process. Constant evolution.

Source: Novelistik, Amipci and Nubbler Media


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