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The Mechanical – Electrical Engineering (IME) Program and the Business and Marketing Management of UDEP are organizing the first Tecno IME targeting school children, parents, teachers and businessmen.

Through the communication department. January 19, 2024.

The aim of Tecno IME 2024 is to promote technology in the region through two simultaneous workshops. One is aimed at school students interested in Mechanical – Electrical Engineering and the second is aimed at teachers, parents and businessmen interested in technology. They will be guided by Mechanical-Electrical Engineering (IME) experts.

“Excellent speakers will participate, most of whom are graduates of our IME program, who will share their knowledge and experiences. We are sure that this event will attract the interest of all participants, who we look forward to,” said Dr. Reddy Risco, Director of the Department of Mechanical – Electrical Engineering at the University of Piura.

In this edition, members of the Peruvian Navy will participate, with a presentation on the company's plans in the port of Baida. Likewise, there will be a presentation by Carlos Herrera Descalzi, former Minister of Energy and Mines, who will give his perspective on the country's technological development.

“We are excited about our first Tecno IME, which will be an exceptional showcase to highlight the critical importance of Mechanical-Electrical Engineering in the development of technology and innovation, especially in its application to regional, national and global issues.” Ready added.

Participants will be able to take a guided tour of UDEP's Energy, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automatic Control Systems, Metal Engineering and Mechanics and 3D Printing laboratories, where IME directors and students will present some of the projects they are participating in. One of them is the vehicle presented by ARES project students in a NASA competition in the US.

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“We are working to make Techno IME the technology benchmark, bringing the academy closer to the centers and programs developed by the local and soon national community,” said Master Eric Mayorga, UDEP's business and marketing manager. – Piura Campus.

Those interested to participate in Tecno IME can register, Here.

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