Thanks to Apple Vision Pro, we can “see” the Matrix source code in our reality. It says a lot about its technology and future.

It is probably very similar to a moment in which we live The arrival of the first iPhone. I'm referring to the release of Apple Vision Pro (for now, only in the US), which encourages the creation of new applications using the hardware capabilities of a new Apple device.

A very interesting one, and one that causes much talk Magic room: This is a native application for visionOS, which is known as “Mesh Dynamics”. Sensor LiDAR de Apple Vision Pro. Basically, it is a “mapping” of reality with a polygonal mesh made up of thousands of points sampled by this type of sensor.

This polygonal mesh is capable of Find out the depth, level and size For each element in real time (Because hundreds of thousands of samples are produced per second), allowing visionOS to know where each element is relative to the user.

Apple's augmented reality glasses are called VISION PRO and they look like something out of science fiction.

Technology in Apple Vision Pro with LiDAR

Matrix Vision Pro App 001

LiDAR technology has been in iPhones since the iPhone 12 Pro, and allows the device to “know” what's real when making decisions about depth of field, photos, etc. Mixed reality applications and other results that require distance calculation This category. In iPhones it is mainly used to improve photos in low light conditions, as this type of sensor is not required to work.

LiDAR is an active remote sensing system. That is, it emits infrared laser pulses and measures the sensor return time for each point. It does this in real-time, calculating about 120,000 samples per second, so we can use Apple Vision Pro to move around in a real environment, and the computer can detect our environment and its size.

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And that's precisely what Magic Room does “Reveal this Mantra”, they define it. When starting the application, suddenly This mesh of points connected in a polygonal shape – as visionOS recognizes it with LiDAR – appears in front of us.

Matrix Vision Pro App 007Matrix Vision Pro App 007(Image taken with Apple Vision Pro) Above, right, photo of the terrace during the day. In the capture, description in the dark using Apple Vision Pro LiDAR.

I tried the example you see in the picture above on the terrace at home. The reference photo was taken during the day, but I tested with the app at night, so even without light, the LiDAR works perfectly – and Capable of “searching” reality with astonishing detail and speed.

It's not only curious — and fascinating, when you try it with Apple Viewer — it's interesting Check the power of the device To illustrate reality. In the app, you can even adjust the growth speed and some other special tricks.

Matrix Vision Pro App 000Matrix Vision Pro App 000(Captured on Apple Vision Pro) The room with the washing machine is clearly visible through the wall, thanks to the pre-model.

Something that will surprise you the first time you try it It gives us the impression that we can “see through things”.. Not really: The Magic Room Description Still true even if we don't implement mesh visualization. Spatial point data is stored if we have previously moved through the environment.

For example, at home, this happens to me in the room where the washing machine is: Being behind a wall is understandable With the information you already have from the previous model and the model in our view. This interpretation of the polygon mesh fools us into thinking we can “see through walls.”

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Matrix in your living room

Matrix Vision Pro App 005Matrix Vision Pro App 005

One of the most interesting and fascinating applications is to implement the “Digital Rain” visualization, where we will see how our home becomes magical. Explanation of matrix notation, moving and flowing around us. As we move around the room, new parts are revealed at the right time, without any delay or delay.

Matrix Vision Pro App 006Matrix Vision Pro App 006

You can also change the font size of the flowing code, and the changes are immediately applied to the experience. And we have the chance Blur the real environment or mix it with the experience Interactive to give an even more cinematic feel.

In the pictures or videos you can see, you cannot appreciate the feeling that it is not only in front of you, but also surrounding you. It's a very curious sense of urgency, which is also contagious Technical capabilities in Apple Vision ProAnd games like the excellent Super Fruit Ninja already use it to “map” the room and know where the furniture is in our room, so fruits can hit, stain or slide (For example) the back of our sofa. The future of these apps is more sophisticated, immersive and in tune with the reality around the user.

In Applesfera | Apple Vision Pro, First Impressions: After 24 hours of testing, I can say it's the most amazing thing Apple has done in recent years.

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