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A new chapter was opened in the conflict between Yida Slavic and Julian Zucchi. After threatening to sue the Argentinian actress for calling her infidelity, the 'Yes My Love' hero was not idle and sent a notarized letter to his ex.

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Arriving in Lima, Argentina, he said he was bitterly surprised to find that his ex-partner and the mother of his two children had sent a notarized letter to silence him, under threat of filing a lawsuit against him.

In the document, Yiddá Eslava demands that the Argentinian actor stop mentioning him in any media.

“I request you to immediately and openly stop mentioning me in any media, regardless of its quality or form of dissemination, whether on television, print media, private or public shows, web shows or under (unintelligible) ) and take legal action to protect and defend my integrity and my good name. (unclear) to begin with”Read on the said official document.

It is noteworthy that Julian Zucchi recently indicated that his lawyer will take legal action against all those who called him a traitor, including Yida Eslava. Also, he said he had to go to Argentina because he lost his job due to this scandal.

Yida Eslava sent a notarial letter to Julian Zucchi

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