“The birth of La Niña is already starting”: is it bad or good for Peru?

The image shows an animation of ocean temperature anomalies over the past 30 days.

Abraham LeviKnown as the 'Weather Man', he predicted that the 'La Niña' phenomenon would have more positive than negative effects. Peru, especially for the country's economy. This climate change is characterized by the cooling of water bodies Eastern Equatorial PacificMay start late next fall.

Based on the data cited by Levy Ocean temperature anomalies provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office (NOAA, its summary in English), identifies this change as beneficial for the Peruvian economy. A shared scenario analysis shows the development of colder-than-usual waters in the Pacific, traditionally associated with precipitation and temperature patterns that favor various economic activities. Peru.

Detailed information about this forecast is supported by a recording of animations illustrating variations in sea temperature over the past 30 days, an important tool for understanding forecast dynamics. La Niña phenomenon. Interpretation of these data highlights the relevance of continuous monitoring of these anomalies for preparing and adapting economic strategies in the country.

The conversation about climate impacts is usually marked by concern about potential negatives, Levy He argues that 'La Niña' represents opportunities rather than mere challenges. This approach suggests the importance of basing public responses and policies on a comprehensive understanding of climate dynamics and its many facets.

The Enfen Multisector Commission, which follows the country's climate effects, explained the possible scenario for Peru, considering the arrival of La Niña. (Motion: Infopay Peru)

“Predictions already indicate that we're going to eventually move towards La Niña conditions, which, on the contrary, are good for the Peruvian economy, they're good for fishing, they're good for agriculture and they're good for filling our reservoirs.” for next season,” Levy said Infobae Peru.

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Unlike El Niño, the La Niña event It is responsible for “rainfalls, floods and stream action where it should rain, well in the Cordillera and not along the coast.”

“I think the El Nino event will end in a short period of time, we are talking about weeks, and it will lead to La Nina,” he commented to this media.

Sea surface temperature simulated at unprecedented resolution using a coupled atmosphere-ocean model. EFE/Institute for Basic Sciences

According to the 'Weatherman', the presence of La Nina has positive things for the textile industry. Winter Not as cold and hot as in the past, for example, created huge economic losses for merchants in Qamarra. In 2023, many people are left unsold with their warm clothes like t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and more. The Heat sensationAlthough it was winter, citizens were forced to wear light clothing.

A fortnight last month, Adrian Armas, Central Manager of Economic Studies Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP)Mentions the possible arrival of La Niña in our country and its impact on economic matters.

“A second La Niña scenario is likely in the second quarter… even a weak one would have net, positive effects on the economy,” he said.

La Nina appears after El Niño loses its strength. (Photo: Composite)

Levy, at another time, said that the highest point of temperature in our country has already passed and we are now heading towards autumn. degrees Celsius It will decrease gradually.

“The hottest day of the year has already passed along the entire Peruvian coast. The highest temperature we observed in Lima on February 6th was 32.3 degrees, and in a week we'll see less solar radiation and the whole system start to cool down as we approach autumn. Below, it's a “every year occurrence. ” he noted.

La Niña is “going to create a significant winter in Lima, a cold, humid, rainy August and September,” he said.

“The official Enfen forecast calls for conditions to stabilize in April and a scenario of neutral conditions prevailing until August, but in this transition from autumn WinterThe chances of having a girl child are increasing,” he noted.

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