The economy is cooling Comment

The economy is cooling  Comment

Expected results for the growth of the economy in the first quarter of the year are not favorable for the country.

Central Reserve Bank President Julio Velarde has warned of this dire reality. “In BCR, we expect close to zero growth (in the first quarter), maybe even negative.”

Reasons? Velarde was responsible for cataloging them. Violent protests that seriously crippled the south of the country in January and part of February added to “climatic factors that affected March”. First, the cause-and-effect relationship was predictable, as almost all economic activities were affected by acts of vandalism carried out by specific groups of protesters, such as land routes, manufacturing centers, some large mines, tourism… Violence, not for social demands, but purely to raise a political platform.

Some of Puno’s radical leaders, linked to former president Pedro Castillo’s trade union organization Fenadep, are pushing to create chaos again in the region, even as the public and small, medium or large businessmen look on. Rather, to recover from the economic and job losses caused by the protests.

We know it doesn’t rain upwards and pears don’t fall off the tuber, but given the delicate state of our economy, one would expect these thermocephalous leaders to come to their senses.

Although the man does not live by illusions, the onslaught of social investments trying to close the gaps in the southern regions, especially in Puno, is not on the part of the government. Or anyway, if they do plan it, they don’t know how to communicate it, thus conveying a sense of lack of empathy and sensitivity to the rest of the country.

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Regarding the rains, at all three levels of government, carelessness and indifference on the part of some officials is evident in prevention and assistance. Throughout this year, the executive is expected to come up with a recovery path or plan because, obviously, if there is no growth, it is difficult to reduce poverty.

And thus the breeding ground for social violence will become hotter than ever.


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