The food technology industry will meet next week at ‘Alimentaria FoodTech’

The Alimentaria FoodTech celebration, which will take place between September 26 and 29, will offer companies participating in any sector of the agri-food production chain, from food and beverage processing, Industry 4.0, packaging, material handling and storage. An opportunity to present your solutions and services to experts in the field of food safety. Additionally, Through the ‘Hosted Buyers’ program and in coordination with a community of internationalized industrial companies, Alimentaria Foodtech has invited more than a hundred high-level buyers., of which more than 80 are international, from more than 20 countries. This activity is expected to generate around 800 business meetings among professionals participating in the event.

In this edition, Mexico will be the guest country, so a specific program has been organized for the 20 Mexican professional buyers who will visit the event. Mexico is the seventh foreign market for Spanish food technology and products companies, where they will increase their exports by 23% in 2022.

For Llucià Casellas, President of Alimentaria FoodTech, “The show is a platform where both producers and entrepreneurs can find cutting-edge solutions, with the most cross and complete offer in recent years. Attending this event is very attractive for European buyers. From Africa and Latin America to the north, there will be all kinds of facilities to meet exhibitors. .

350 exhibiting companies are participating in Alimentaira FoodTech 2023 – a hundred are attending for the first time – and nearly a thousand companies are represented.These include Handtmann, Vaessen Schoemaker, Weber, Impag Iberia, Jarvis, Dordal, Roser, Pujolàs, Frontmatec Intecal, Mimasa and Haratek.

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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Digitization

Exhibiting companies and participating technology centers will demonstrate their enormous innovative potential by improving the innovation and efficiency of production processes, with an exhibition of equipment that includes Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and greater automation and digitization. Sustainable solutions and equipment will also be protagonists, from the packaging offer to various machines designed to achieve greater energy and water savings.

Joan Tristani, general director of Amec, said, “Spanish companies in the food technology and products sector have demonstrated a high level of competitiveness in recent years, maintaining all their activities in a complex environment, anticipating changes and adapting and delivering. Different markets, which has clarified its great reliability”.

As an innovation, the show introduces the ‘FoodTech Innovarena’, a section of activities dedicated to technological innovation., in which nearly 60 information and pitching sessions will be held in collaboration with the Food Research and Technology Agency (IRTA) and the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB). The new space includes a ‘Speakers Corner’ presentation stage and a ‘Startups Area’ area, which aims to facilitate meetings between entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and researchers.

The ‘FoodTech Innovarena’ will also present the ‘Innova’ and ‘Emprende’ awards, which in their third edition will promote and recognize the research and emerging companies’ potential of the exhibiting companies respectively. Additionally, during the four days of the event, four of the winners of the ‘FoodTech Emprende Awards’ will have permanent exhibition blocks along with six other startups.

At one of the conferences, more than 20 startups presented solutions for sustainable water and energy savings in the agri-food sector.. Some are already operating in the market, such as Cooling Photonics, Cofling, ColorSensing, Alquimia, Aeris, Planet Biotech, Bioazul or Lobelia Earth, while others will have the opportunity to present their innovations and sustainable business models for the first time.

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Alternative proteins and fresh ingredients

Alternative protein for meat will be the central topic of the three sessions of ‘Foodtech Innovarena’.: A presentation by IRTA researchers Massimo Castellari, Pere Gou and Sara Bover from the Center d’Innovación en Proteína Alternativa (CIPA), will examine the strengths and weaknesses of various popular protein sources -, and they will present a A true case of innovation in insect protein.

Renowned food companies engaged in innovation such as Amedler Origen, Danone, Nestlé or Conservs Ferrer will also present real cases of technological solutions to specific industrial challenges of interest to manufacturers and distributors.

For their part, products and intermediate food products will have their own exhibition area at ‘Ingrenova’.Current food and beverage industry trendsetters will be showcased there.

Finally, at the special conference ‘Barcelona Biofilm Summit’, on September 27th in Room CC1.1 of the Gran Vía Place in Fira de Barcelona, ​​an updated view of the problem that biofilms represent in the food sector. Presented – Microorganisms adhering to food treatment surfaces – as well as strategies for their control and reduction of associated risks.

According to Amec data, the technology, equipment and materials sector for the food industry in Spain will have a turnover of 3,173.373 million euros in 2022. Also, the exports of these companies are valued at €1,137 M.

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