The government observes the rule that June 7th has been declared a holiday in Peru Arica War | Flag Day | Peru

The government observes the rule that June 7th has been declared a holiday in Peru  Arica War |  Flag Day |  Peru

The executive observed the signature of the legislation approved by Congress this Friday, thereby announcing it holiday Non-working national on June 7 Flag Day And this Battle of Arika.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otarola, announced this The move is scheduled to be announced today (Friday). All citizens should take the forecast of the case with due expectation.

Chief Minister He explained that this decision was taken to revive the country’s economy; A necessary process after the recent events.

The best way to pay tribute to the flag is to build a foundation by working to restore the economyHe insisted. Thus, on June 7, Not declared as a holiday.

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The Republican Congress approved the plan on April 28 A national holiday commemorating the Battle of Arica and Flag Day. But it will not be implemented this year as the government has followed the norms.

A legislative proposal has been received 91 votes in favor, two votes against, and no votes. Then, the release of the second vote was approved, and the signature was sent to the executive authority for its declaration.

“According to the judgment, the proposed national non-working and paid holiday covers all companies and public institutions in the country”Report.

President Tina Polwarte, had 15 business days Enact you observe Standard proposition. That period ended on June 5.

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What’s next?

In a scenario provided by PwC Peru Labor Area, it was explained that if the executive observes the bill, the document must go back to Congress to make changes and see if it takes the observations into account or not. Then it has to go through a plenary vote again.

Aymé Límaco, president of the Cuatrecasas labor area, indicated that it was impossible for the holiday to take place on June 7. “Congress can approve it upon insistence, but the release may take time. In this sense, it is important to remember that until today, the only holiday in June is the 29th.

“Although the government is trying to encourage more activity in the tourism sector, the fact is that at the same time other sectors of the economy are paralyzed, thereby the negative impact outweighs the positive that it wants to create. This happens if we take into account the formal work”, explained.

According to him, the impact is more negative in the informal sector, which represents more than 70% of the labor force in Peru, because informal work is based on income or daily income.

What is commemorated on June 7?

Reminds the date Flag Day, This includes the bravery and sacrifice shown during the heroic period Battle of Arika.

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