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It is no longer valid. In the last promotional video posted on Latina’s social networks, actor Guillermo Castaneda no longer appears as a participant in the fourth season.The Great Celebrity ChefAnd it was suspected that he will no longer be a part of the show. His replacement has already been announced at a press conference today.

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Although she appeared in the first commercials with five other participants, Castaneda was not included in the Jesus Maria channel’s press releases and only the first five participants were mentioned: Tilsa Lozano, Renato Rossini, Jimena Hoyos, Saskia Bernala and Sergio ‘Checho’ Ibarra.

Now, instead of the actor, there will be sports journalist Giancarlo ‘Flaco’ Granda, who was introduced in the press conference with the other participants of this new season.

The decision to sideline Guillermo Castaneda was in response to criticism on social networks over his inclusion in the reality show, where actress Daniela Blücker filed a sexual assault complaint in 2018.

Tilsa Lozano, Renato Rossini, Ximena Hoyos, Saskia Bernaola and Sergio ‘Checho’ Ibarra and Giancarlo Granda were joined by six participants: Flor Polo, Monica Zevallos, Renato Rossini Jr., Fiorella Cayo, Christian Pesa Ysla and Gino Pesa.

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