“The guards here are a disaster”

Andrés ‘Condor’ Mendoza analyzes Hernán Bargos’ second goal against Binachanal in a clash valid for Matchday 17 of the Clausura.

Mendoza slams Barcos’ best goal at Juliaca: “The defenders here are a disaster” | Composition: Libero

On the 17th of the Clausura match, Alianza Lima faced a tough match in the city of Juliaca. Bilateral game. However, thanks to the two goals Hernan BarcosThe Blue and White cast won 2-1.

It was ‘Brata’ Barcos’ second goal, which was widely talked about, after the Argentine striker left his mark on two Pinazacional defenders and struck powerfully into the area to beat goalkeeper Enriquez.

There are those who have praised the 39-year-old striker’s talent in the 74th minute of the match, which took place more than 3,000 meters above sea level. But there are those who attribute the goal to a poor performance by the home team’s defence.

One of them is the Peru forward who comes to mind Andres ‘Condor’ MendozaHe assured that the defenders were a total disaster that night and that there are only two good defenders in Ligue 1, Carlos Zambrano from Alianza and Ignacio da Silva from Sporting Cristal.

“The Alianza match with Binacional was a disaster to watch. On top of that (Barcos) opens to kick, the thing is, the center backs here in Peru are a disaster, they don’t do anything, they don’t. They don’t score, they don’t look. The only center I see is Zambrano and Cristal (Ignácio). , there is no one else from there”Commented by ‘Contor Mendoza’.

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Hernán Barcos among the championship scorers

The ‘Pirate’ reached 16 goals in Ligue 1 2023 after a double century against Binacional and is the fourth highest scorer in the entire championship. Deportivo Carcilazo’s Santiago Giordana is the top scorer in domestic competition with 22 goals.

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