The long weekend is approaching because of the October 8 holiday news

The long weekend is approaching because of the October 8 holiday  news

Long weekends are long-awaited moments for many people, as they provide an opportunity to break away from regular work, take a short trip or finish something that has been pending due to work or studies.

In this case, new compensable non-working holidays, calendar holidays and weekend rest will allow some workers to enjoy the upcoming “mini-holiday”.

October 8 is a holiday

This is On Sunday, October 8, a new long weekend is provided for the national holiday for the Battle of Angamos, which is added to Saturday 7 and Monday 9. A non-working day fixed by the Government.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 713, next October 8th will be a national holiday commemorating our nation’s most representative naval battle, the Battle of Angamos, the day Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, commanding the Monitor Huascar, gave his life. Honored on the most memorable occasion in our history.

What is the holiday fee?

As pointed out by Sunafil, if you work on this holiday without alternative leave, you are entitled to triple payment, which is as follows:

1) Holiday related pay (already included in your monthly pay).

2) A daily wage commensurate with the work done.

3) An additional amount equal to 100% of the daily wage is payable.

October 9 is a non-working day

Also, the Supreme Decree 151-2022-PCM Establishes that Monday, October 9, will be a non-working day.

This break applies to public sector employees, unlike calendar leave, Compensation must be paid for hours worked In the immediately following ten days, or at the opportunity established by the head of each public company based on its own needs.

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In the case of the private sector, it is up to the employer and the workers to establish by collective agreement that the voluntary acceptance of these non-working days will be effective in recovering lost time. In the absence of an agreement, the employer decides.

Remaining calendar and non-working holidays in 2023

Sunday, October 8: Battle of Angamos

Monday, October 9: Non-working day

Wednesday, November 1: All Saints’ Day

Thursday, December 7: Non-working day

Friday, December 8: Day of the Immaculate Conception

Saturday, December 9: Battle of Ayacucho

Monday, December 25: Christmas

Tuesday, December 26: Non-working day

Monday, January 1: New Year 2024

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Published: 1/10/2023


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