The MEF confirms that there will be no increase in the minimum wage and will prioritize the reactivation of the economy

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He Ministry of Economy and Finance There is no hesitation in confirming that this is not a good time Increase the minimum vital wage (RMV). Along with this the MEF Portfolio Deputy Minister said, Juan PichihuaHe pointed out that priority should be given to economic recovery in order to quickly recover from this recession.

The official said that the moment was not right to take this step, despite the request of thousands of Peruvian families, but that the subsidiary loan was approved as the country was looking for ways to balance the economy. Congress of the Republic This will help in the process.

“debt [suplementario] This gives us a chance to get a fresh impetus to react to this situation from this month. We don’t have conflict problems, but we do have a lag of continuous social demands; There is a lot of pressure for salary increases, but in the environment in which we find ourselves, they are difficult to happen. Re-enforcement first, then we have to look at other actions,” Peru said during a sustainable social infrastructure event.

Deputy Minister of MEF assures that there will be no increase in minimum wages.

As recalled, the Minister of Labour, Daniel Mouret, In the economic recession that the country is going through, Discussing or approving a pay raise is difficult Major Minimum (RMV) So all efforts should be focused on a quick exit from this situation that is suspending Peru’s economy.

“Technical indicators suggest that the worst time to increase RMV is a recessionary situation. When economic problems occur in the country, we all suffer, especially the poor. “This puts the country at risk, which opens the possibility that poverty will grow, workers will not have much income, and RMV will not grow. “

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In view of this, during the event, Juan Pichihua, it was believed that without the developed mining and trade in the country, the Peruvian economy would have collapsed and the situation would have been more difficult to cope with. Despite the recession, formal work has not been affected, he said.

“(Formal employment) has not grown, but that has not meant an increase in unemployment either,” he said.

“We are still facing the inflation problem but it is coming down and by the end of next year, without a doubt, we will already be in the target range,” he declared.

Deputy Minister of MEF assures that there will be no increase in minimum wages.

Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex ContrerasProvision for private investment projects in infrastructure is expected to increase by 20 times by the end of this year compared to the records of 2022.

“They were awarded last year 97 million dollars 2,000 million this year in private investment projects in infrastructure through PPP. Till date, we have bid for 1,232 million dollars and another 800 million will be awarded tomorrow Friday,” he said at RPP.

“We recognize that the first axis of recovery is private investment. Efforts have been made, but many of these projects will take some time; however, We believe these delivered projects will start moving the economy by 2024“, under control.

Despite the negative outlook, Fitch’s retention of Peru’s credit rating is positive, Economy Minister Alex Contreras said. Photo: Andina

He also emphasized that more than 12,000 million dollar mining investment projects have been announced during the government’s tenure. “And, to this day We have unlocked $2,000 million in projects Both in mining investment and strategic sectors,” he pointed out.

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