The Ministry of Economy announced the expansion of Impulso MyPeru to S/ 4,000 million | economy

its owner Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Alex ContrerasAnnounced the Micro and Small Business (MIB) Support Scheme Fund Impulse MyPeru Expanded from S/ 3,000 million to 4,000 million.

He has indicated this program in that way Currently benefiting over 211,000 Mibs with an average yield of 13%. Additionally, he explained that 28% of Impulso MyPeru goes to the Puno region, 17% to Lima and 8% to Peru.

Impulso MyPerú finances the rehabilitation of Puno and the affected areas, as a result of which we have to face the various traumas. So, I am officially announcing that we are going to raise Impulso MyPerú from 3,000 million to 4,000 million.”, Contreras pointed out in the live MEF program broadcast on the social networks of the department.

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Likewise, the Economy Minister, according to the latest numbers, 57% of the profit is aimed at acquisition of fixed assets, fixed capital, working capital and remaining percentage for debt consolidation..

We are going to continue to advertise Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and plans with assets. In fact, we expect to deliver an additional 180 million in new investment next week. This is That will take us, or we will go from US$ 1,223 to US$ 1,403 million in PPP.This is a record compared to last year and previous years numbers“, he added.

Next Friday, August 18, Alex Contreras said he will provide US$180 million for two groups of projects: in different areas in the electricity sector: San José de Yarabamba, Piura, Tarapoto, Lambayeque and Chiclayo.

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In addition, he noted that they expect to deliver about 833 million to private projects in the electricity sector for September in Huanuco, Tocache, Celendin, Trujillo and Buera.

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At another time, the head of the MEF pointed out that this month They will send to Congress a loan bill supplemented by S / 3,000 with the aim of improving and strengthening the health sector.Fight against citizen insecurity and other remedial measures against El Nino phenomenon.

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