The Ministry replaces the head of the Kalaw Police Region and six other generals Peru

He of the Ministry of Home Affairs General Jorge Luis Castillo approved the reinstatement of Vargas, who allegedly “illegally benefited from the promotion process in 2021” during the government of Pedro Castillo, according to a complaint filed by National Prosecutor Patricia Benavides.

By Issued in an unusual version of the legal regulations, General Castillo Vargas is mentioned as having left. Gallao is the headquarters of Police Region and will go to a Special Advisory Committee of the General Command, RPP said.

The resolution also mentions six other transfers, among which it is provided that the public Arturo Plas PradoAppointed to the General Command’s Advisory Board, though his status was not specified, he is moving to the Kalaw Police Region.

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Also, reassigned Hector Bernal Alvawho was Chief of the Loreto Police Region, and Hector Antigone Jhulka, who was in-charge of Lumpeg Police Region.

Earlier, in the afternoon, the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, presented the changes of the generals of the National Police, in the framework of the complaint against Pedro Castillo for irregular promotions in the police agency.

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