The municipality of Miraflores achieved the goals of the 2023 stimulus program established by the Ministry of Economy – Business Business

Business Emperor.– The Municipality of Miraflores met all the objectives set out in the Incentive Plan for the Improvement of Municipal Administration for 2023 in terms of sanitation, tax collection and solid waste management.

In the merit of these achievements, the commune not only receives the economic resources to fulfill the three goals, but also the existence of municipalities that do not reach full compliance, which is an additional bonus distributed to those that are fully fulfilled. , which will create a benefit for society.

The first target achieved is related to the health area: improvement of the nutritional and health status of girls and boys aged 3 to 12 months in the district has been achieved. The Commune's Deputy Directorate of Health and Social Welfare works in coordination with the Ministry of Health to prevent and manage anemia in children under one year of age.

House-to-house guidance and monitoring of mothers is carried out by a team of community actors trained by Santa Cruz Medical Institute health workers on seven topics: anemia, prevention and treatment, exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding and breastfeeding. Hand washing, compliance with vaccinations, monitoring growth and development and safe attachment.

The second commitment made by the municipality of Miraflores, which exceeded the target established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), is related to the improvement of property tax collection levels by the Tax Administration Administration.

In fact, 70.70% efficiency was achieved in Section I of the current property tax collection for 2023, while in Section II, 95.77% efficiency was achieved on the same basis relative to last year, which is higher than the percentage requested by the MEF. .

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Finally, the municipality of Miraflores successfully fulfilled the third commitment related to the implementation of an integrated solid waste system through environmental sustainability sub-management. In this aspect, municipal promoters and sensitizers play a fundamental role, because they go door-to-door and publicize information activities to achieve neighborhood registration in the Miraflores recycling program.

This responsibility also includes the active participation of neighbors, realizing the need to reduce waste generation, sort, separate and deliver recyclable waste to the municipal project in a timely manner, and then assess and reintegrate it into the community. Circular economy value chain.

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