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A month has passed by the Municipality of Lima (MML). Legends ParkHuachipa has taken over the management of the Recreational Environment Center (CER Huachipa), as it is popularly known Huachipa Zoo.

This center was managed by 20 years From, however, through the Ecolatina SAC consortium August 17, operations were transferred to MML. Zoo, as it is now called Park of Legends Huachipa headquartersA few days after welcoming back the public it opened its doors to El Comercio to report on the processes they are undertaking.

1. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The cat area is being renovated by staff (Photo: George Cherton).

2. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

In the cat area you can find animals like lions, pumas, tigers, white tigers (Photo: George Cherton).

3. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

Some of the animals have been transferred to the headquarters to start families at the zoo group El Comercio (Photo: Jorge Serton).

4. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

New trees and grass have been laid (Photo: George Cherton).

5. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

In addition, many of the walls in the lion spaces have been repainted (photo: George Cherton).

6. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

Tigers now have more green areas in their habitats (Photo: George Cherton).


Azucena Kolkas, General Manager of Park of LegendsHe commented to this newspaper The municipality took over the Huachiba Zoo The main objective, in the first phase, was to reorganize the different locations of the headquarters. “Every day we add green areas. We bought it 2,000 square meters of grass And we have cultivated 1,800 trees around the whole zOna,” he said.

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He said the staff were interfering with the residences 1,100 animals Found in zoos, they are distributed 100 different species. “We work with a significant portion of the team from our headquarters in San Miguel. We have transferred 70 workers to this location. We want to finish as soon as possible, but the process is very robust“, he pointed out.

Because of experience 59 years Parque de las Leyendas said employees working at the Huachipa headquarters feel safe. It should be noted that The Ecolatina SAC consortium is the private company in charge of managing the zoo until its contract expires. After that, the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor) The authority decided that MML should take over.

Kolkus declared The zoo may reopen in the first week of October, this way, people will have a reasonable time to find the area with all the green spaces that have been renewed. However, the work will not end there as it plans to undertake a second phase where it will expand the existing areas and create new spaces such as an aquarium and a food court. “There will be changes, but in the second part. Now we focus on improving individuals’ habitats and environments“, said.

A characteristic monkey species at the zoo is the red huabo monkey (photo: George Cherton).

It will be time to enter the place 9 AM to 5 PMwith prices 15 soles For adults only, 8 soles For children and 4 soles For older adults. In addition, citizens who hold a driver’s license National Council for Integration of Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS) You can enter for free with a companion.


Azucena Kolkas I confirm that Staff will move the animals from Parque de los Leyantas in San Miguel to the new headquarters in Huachiba.. It is done with the intention of uniting men and women of the same race to form families. “We’ve already done this with deer and otorongos, so we’re going to move animals, always thinking about assisted reproduction.”, he commented. It is appropriate to mention a 90% are maintainers from the last administration They stay because they are familiar with the zoo and its animals.

2. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

Management said the zoo was initially neglected, prior to their administration (Photo: George Cherton).

3. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

Some of the glass and bars will be renovated for the safety of visitors (Photo: George Cherton).

4. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The Parque de los Leyantas in the Huachiba headquarters is home to over 100 species of animals (Photo: Jorge Certan).

The space is almost one dimensional Two hectares. “All workers have a personal commitment to the park (…). As for the state of the zoo, it was largely neglectedWe never thought it would happen like this. But that’s what needs to be fixed. We have set out to fix all vulnerabilities and are on track to do so“, said.

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In addition to the attractive areas, the zoo will have a rescue center where, together with Serfor, the integrity of lost or abandoned animals will be ensured. The aim of this initiative is to preserve endangered species.

The team is also working on a water drainage system that is critical to the habitat of some animals, such as flamingos (Photo: George Cherton).

On the other hand, there are areas that are being demolished because they are vacant. Instead, new spaces will be built to accommodate the animals. “In the first phase, we are renovating the cat area, monkey island, human interaction areas, etc. In the second phase we are going to build a sanctuary for condors, which will allow us to see these birds in flight.”, he noted.

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Regarding Monkey Island, the manager said that the bars and other structures at the place had been removed due to wear and tear. Therefore, the area is repaired. Also, it is planned to raise the roofs of the domes to give more freedom.

It can be observed Botanical groups Carrying out respective grass maintenance and installation procedures. The team is planting 3,600 flowers around the area. “There is a lot of lack of water drainage and that is also a factor we are working on.” said Kolkas.

1. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The zoo’s manager, Azucena Kolkas, told El Comercio what news was coming (Photo: Jorge Certan).

2. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The main objective of the first phase is to renovate the green areas (Photo: George Cherton).

3. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The maintenance and restoration process of Huachipa headquarters, Parque de las Leyendas, will consist of a first and second phase (Photo: Jorge Cerdán).

4. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

Many of the structures on Monkey Island have been removed due to wear and tear (Photo: George Cherton).

5. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The group has purchased 2,000 square meters of grass and planted 1,800 trees (Photo: George Cherton).

6. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

70 workers have been transported to the site (Photo: George Cherton).

7. The new Legends Park in Huachipa

The MML team has indicated its commitment to animal care (Photo: Jorge Cerdán).

Workers at what is now known as Parque de las Leyendas, the Huachipa headquarters, confirm that they experienced a disastrous start when they met the zoo, but they insist that they are doing everything possible to improve neglected areas by intervening little by little.

On the facade, you no longer read the name Huachipa Zoo, but now the new Parque de las Leyendas (Photo: Jorge Serton).

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