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The Christmas On December 25, 2023, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and bid farewell to the year by welcoming 2024 around the world. Traditionally a Christian holiday, home lighting, tree gathering, decorating and more, it ends twelve days later with the celebration of the main Catholic event of Casper, Melchior and Balthasar. It knows when Descent of Kings Magi, and how it is celebrated in Peru as an anniversary of crossing borders.

What is Bajada de Reyes and when is it celebrated in Peru?

The world will celebrate the coming year 2024 with traditional rituals such as dressing in white or yellow and eating 12 grapes, which is still waiting. The Descent of Kings whose tradition unites the families of Peru in a festive atmosphere.

According to the relevant Gospel reading Epiphany (Matthew 2, 1-12), both Casper, Melchior Y Balthasar son”Some scholars from the east (who) came to Jerusalem and said: 'Where is he who is born king of the Jews?“, and after seeing”Rise his star… we come to worship him”.

As mentioned Festival Smart people It maintains the tradition staged in the 21st century by entertaining characters who paid tribute to Jesus Christ after his birth, which is celebrated every day. January 6 In Peru, that is, on the 12th day after Christmas, is carried out with a series of intense and symbolic activities with a Catholic meaning.

This 2024, usually on the first Saturday of the year, the city of Lima and areas such as Cuzco, Apurimac and Ayacucho will make representative annual tours “Casper, Melchior and Baldasser”, according to custom and custom, run around carrying gifts for the children.

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How is King's Town celebrated in Peru every January 6th?

12 days in between Christmas And this Image of God They complete the so-called Nativity celebration and events directly related to it Descent of Kings It is nothing but a representation of that moment.”Wizards from the East“, according to the Gospel of St. Matthew, they came to Jerusalem and worshiped”King of the Jews”.

Unlike the float parade in Spain, Peru celebrates every January 6 in different corners of the country. Lima With the sound of “Los Doribianitos”, one of the towns in the municipality receives a traditional group of police officers, usually classified as the Three Wise Men, in the Hall of Mirrors.

As part of the celebrations in the capital, the The Book of Kings It was produced by the Peruvian Association of Bakery and Pastry Entrepreneurs – ASPAN, and was shared publicly to the delight of the children at “Casa de los Petisos”.

In ApurimacFor example, “Andean Christmas” and this “Descent of Kings” Declared a cultural heritage of the nation, the festivities are characterized by the veneration of the baby Jesus, and in the district of Sabino, it is carried to the local church accompanied by violins, harps and the music of the “guiadores” choir. In de Armas Cuzco It is the connecting point of citizens and visitors.

The Meaning of the Lord's Epiphany for Christianity

According to The Epiphany is “Revelation of Jesus as Israel's Messiah, Son of God and Savior of the world“, and next”Jesus' baptism in the Jordan and wedding at Cana celebrate the worship of Jesus by “wise men” from the East.”.

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3 Gifts of Kings to Baby Jesus

The Gospel of St. Matthew thus reveals “The three wise men brought gold, frankincense and frankincense to the baby Jesus“, while Saint John Chrysostom said”The power of a king is distinguished by gold, the honor of a god is distinguished by incense, the burial of a body by white moth; Consequently they offer him gold as a king, frankincense as a god, and white powder as a man”.

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