The Ones Who Live' and 'Los Bridgerton'

Think about him Zombie movie George A. Do it in the classics of Romero, Sam Raimi, Danny Boyle… influential titles that continue to form the basis of numerous film and television productions, unmistakably identified before and after The Seventh Art. . But, it often turns us away It is possible to find references in fiction far from the genre.

The sixth spin-off of the franchise The Walking Dead, those who liveRecently impressed and surprised Los Bridgerton for its construction. A few words Scott M. Gimple himself confirmed to CINEMANÍAAfter the creator of the fiction, Danai Kurira, returned as Michonne and took an active part in writing the script, having already helmed it in several cases.

We wanted to see highly emotional works. We wanted to see some products where big barriers kept people apart. Watch them yearn as they make love. Los Bridgerton “It really portrays him well.”North American announces to our media.

Gimple admitted that he “never imagined” watching the Netflix series with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in preparation for his new fic about AMC's undead, but it turned out to be a huge hit. “It's a great show. The way they create that emotion and that desperation is really incredible. It's been really helpful,” Adds about fiction created by Chris Van Dusen.

If we consider that both series revolve around great love stories, their protagonists have to fight against all odds to stay together. Thus, those who liveIts episodes premiered this week AMC+ SpainDelivered by giving us huge amounts of emotion and sadness.

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Andrew Lincoln wins us over in his return as Sheriff Rick Grimes and Danai Kurira as a katana expert Michonne Inside Walking Dead: The Ones Who LiveThis is explained What happened to them after Amma left the series, They struggled to reintegrate into a changing world.

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