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Today, Friday, March 8, 2024, the price of the dollar in Peruvian banks and on the parallel market.

The value of the dollar in Peru is linked to daily moves by the Central Reserve Bank (BCR). As of today, Friday, March 8, according to, the exchange rate is quoted at S/3,740 for buying and S/3,770 for selling. In addition to this official information, we tell you how the US currency is quoted for buying and selling at financial institutions, money changers, online exchange companies and junior. Okona.

Dollar exchange rate in Peruvian banks


  1. Purchase: S/3.695
  2. Sale: S/3,780


  1. Procurement: S/3,701
  2. Sale: S/3,798

National Bank

  1. Purchase: S/3,720
  2. Sales: S/3,810


  1. Procurement: S/3,664
  2. Sales: S/3,810


  1. Procurement: S/3,652
  2. Sales: S/3,824

Evolution of exchange rate. Photo: IA

Today, Friday, March 8, the price of the dollar in Peru: minute-by-minute of the exchange rate

How to identify fake dollars?

Check whether your bills are genuine or fraudulent in the following clip.

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What is the exchange rate given by Sunat?

Finance expert Jorge Carrillo Acosta said in an earlier conversation with La República that the exchange rate announced by Sunat was a reference to tax issues. “It is used to know whether a person is buying, selling or what type of transaction they are recording in the tax return,” he added.

What is an Okona dollar?

Exchange rate closing via BCRP

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru reported that the dollar closed at S/3,711 on March 7.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is the price of the dollar in any country, divided into buying and selling, as indicated by the financial expert of the Pacifico Business School Jorge Carrillo Acosta in a previous conversation with La Repubblica.

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