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Municipal deposit San Isidro, 21st Street of Karbach Urbanization No. Located at 691, Cruz Triple A SAC was closed due to 333,333 feet of debt owed by the company. To be maintained with District Municipality. The company was responsible for lifting the cars with cranes and placing them in their place. As a result, an average of five vehicles have been impounded, and the owners are still unable to dispose of them after several days.

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One of the wounded Manuel SalazarWho in an interview Trade He said his vehicle was lifted by a crane and taken to a warehouse Tuesday, February 6. “What happened was that it was parked on a yellow line and was picked up. However, the Saturday 10 FebruaryWhen I tried to pay the fine, I called the municipality to find out how to get my car back. But they informed me that they cannot return the deposit to me as they have not received itsaid.

Manuel's fines averaged 400 lashes. Despite wanting to pay, they did not deliver his vehicle (Photo: Alessandro Guarrino).

He also said that the company had not paid the loan due to the municipality. “My car is still kept in municipal warehouse for more than 20 days. The fine he has to pay Average 400 soles, plus 35 soles For the day my car is in storage. Although it is true that the municipal staff said that I no longer have to pay, I am still affected by this situation and I need my car”, he revealed.

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Manuel noted an average of five Cars were stopped in the area. He also lodged a complaint with the police for the crime of illegal acquisition of property.

El Comercio confirmed the presence of two men, presumably warehouse workers, who only guarded the area (Photo: Alessandro Guarrino).


He PNP Franklin Barreto is the former chief of the Traffic Operations Investigation Division explained Trade Detention of vehicles is arbitrary and unconstitutional and as per the statutory framework, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) It is the governing body responsible for establishing the obligations set out in National Traffic Regulations. “According to Article 11.2 of Law 27181Local governments can only provide complementary measures and are not allowed to subvert general traffic laws”, he mentioned.

San Isidro Deposit

The special expert further stated that the citizens who want to recover the vehicles are the most affected due to the conflicts that have arisen between the municipality and private companies. “Drivers want to solve the problem to get their property back and they are willing to pay any kind of fine. However, a problem between the two organizations stops them.“, said.

The municipality of San Ysidro informed El Comercio that it rejects the loan (Photo: Alessandro Guarrino).

He pointed out that is important Public Ministry Crime Prevention Prosecutor's Office Action should be taken and investigation should be started. “The district municipality should ask for support from the Lima Metropolitan Municipality (MML) and the traffic police.“, he pointed out.

He Traffic Inspection and Control Marcos Agurdo Cardosa Expert Step, pointed out that Section 1852 of the Civil Code, the bailee can hold the property only until the amount owed to him is paid. However, in this case, even if the drivers want to pay, they are not allowed to return their vehicle. “It arises out of an irregular situation. The right of authority to retain property is a preventive measure and should not be used as a sanction. The rule is broken“, he said.

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Manuel filed a police report for illegal acquisition of property (Photo: Alessatro Guarrino).


The Municipality of San Isidro Information Trade Grúas Triple A SAC company than last year. He failed to comply with some of the laws of the contract he had signed, for which fines were imposed, which gradually accumulated. “We reject what the company refers to as debt. 333,000 feet, which the Company alleges is a debt, is, in fact, the result of a series of fines (relating to the service they provide) incurred in 2023 within the framework of our agreement.“, said.

In addition, representatives of the municipality indicated to this newspaper that, as a result, the company closed its doors, which harmed the drivers who kept their cars inside. “We have contacted the victims to express our concern about the actions taken by the company. We have made it clear to them that we are on their side. “We have tried to invite dialogue, but the company maintains a negative stance.”They added.

Report of the Municipality of San Ysidro.

They highlight that the warehouse is not owned by the municipality, but instead it has hired a company to carry out the vehicle collection and deposit service.

The municipality has clarified that there is only one warehouse in the entire district and it has 200 vehicles per month. These are wrongly parked and end up in place after being transported in a towing vehicle.

For its part, Trade He requested relief from Grúas Triple A SAC, but by the time of writing there had been no response, only stating that they would be making statements to the press from outside the warehouse.

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