The Siglana Science Fair: A Space for Collaborative Learning

From today to Thursday, the Plaza de las Bodegas is hosting a show Third Edition of Science Fair. An initiative focused on creating collaborative learning and research spaces, There students have the opportunity to develop innovative science projects.

The objective pursued by the city council through this exhibition is to encourage the interest and participation of the youth of the city in the field of science so that the youth enjoy and participate enthusiastically in these endeavors. “This is one way Draw attention and encourage the most playful aspect of science And a significant and important increase in creativity is created,” said the city's mayor, José María Roman.

“What's been achieved here is to break the hierarchy of teacher-student, examiner-teacher. Here they come together to enjoy what they're learning,” Cruz said. The essence of a science fair lies in the collaboration between students, teachers and the community in general, where everyone shares the joy of learning and teaching together.

Cruz highlighted the transcendent role of teachers and the predilection of educational centers towards this endeavour. “Here, people who come to our food market to buy great products learn a lot and are here to enjoy. Like the centers called with other students,” he added.

The exhibition covers not only high schools but also primary education centers, promoting inclusive and diverse education. “They learn communication skills because they have to tell different generations about science projects,” Cruz said. This experience not only improves students' speaking skills, but also strengthens their relationships with the community and gives them tools for their professional and personal lives.

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Among the new features, we find a mathematical stand on the street; as well as another from the University of Cádiz, in which they will present their projects and research to students; A popular play area and stage with various magic and science shows and musical entertainment. All this for the little ones to learn while having fun.

Students from IES Ciudad de Hércules, IES Fernando Quiñones, IES Pedrera Blanca, IES Poeta García Gutiérrez, Colegio Campano and IES Huerta Rosario Joining this project is a major step in promoting science among the youth of Siglana.

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