The stadium of the match between Blanquiazules vs. United Merchants League 1 2024 Apertura Tournament

Alianza Lima will move to matchday 5 of the 2024 Apertura against Comerciantes Unidos as the national stadium will be rented out for a concert.

Alianza Lima Stadium vs. United Merchants | Libero composition

Alianza hosts Lima Universitario this Sunday, February 10, at the National Stadium in Lima for the 3rd Classic of Ligue 1's 2024 Apertura match. However, one of the questions blue and white fans have is about the game location. The match against Comerciantes Unidos is going to be held because the José Díaz colossus will be rented out for a concert.

In a preview of the second half of the match against Alianza Atlético, journalist Eduardo Combe Liga 1 Max announced the match between Alianza Lima Vs. United Merchants It will be held at the Villa El Salvador stadium. It is only necessary to define the date and time of the competition.

Apart from that, the aforementioned communicator also revealed the intimate game Pre game crystal If it grows without any problems Lima National Stadium. In any case, the date and time of the undertaking shall remain pending.

“On the fifth day Alianza Lima will host Comerciantes Unidos at the Villa El Salvador Stadium. On the seventh day it will be against Sporting Cristal at the National Stadium,” mentioned in L1 Max.

(Video: L1 Max)

When was the last meeting against Alianza Lima? United Traders?

Let's remember that at the end Alianza Lima faced Comerciales Unidos It was in 2018, because in these six years, those from the city of Cutervo were in the second division.

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