The Verizon Innovative Learning Lab is coming to DC. Education and Technology

Verizon is trying to break down barriers to digital inclusion. After all, they are experts on that topic. Methodology: An excellent project focusing on equity called “Innovative Learning Lab”. It's already happening in DC

Labs are designed for students and teachers in specific high schools. The idea of ​​the program is to provide access to technology and its purpose is to share practical learning which is a very rich thing.

Verizon isn't alone in this effort, They joined Interested in proposals from various academic and non-profit communities. March 28th Friendship Woodridge International Primary and Middle School He began to live the experience.

Verizon's proposition with innovative learning labs

these”Innovative Learning Labs“Combination between enterprise and learning from Verizon. Verizon stands out in this regard for its commitment to education. Includes.

That is why this proposal is a clear attempt to bring emerging and relevant technology to communities with limited resources that would otherwise face access barriers.

Verizon Innovative Learning Labs provide a rich and stimulating learning environment with cutting-edge technology such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), 3D printers, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). These tools not only enhance the educational process but also prepare students for the digital future by adapting to the latest developments.

Heart of America and Arizona State University's J. Some of the partnerships with Verizon include the Orin Edson Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which trains teachers to effectively integrate emerging technology into the curriculum, guaranteeing a well-rounded educational experience.

Playing a role in all of this is “Digital Promise,” an organization that supports free technology, Internet access, and STEM experiences for people with fewer resources.

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Verizon Innovative Learning already represents an investment of more than a billion dollars in alignment with its responsible business plan.Citizen Verizon“, which reflects not only academic contribution but also commitment to economic, environmental and social progress.

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