The young man met his mason’s father on graduation day and moved to the network Viral

On such an important day for her, her father’s presence was indispensable. A young Mexican girl shows her unconditional love by doing everything she can to say goodbye to her father before graduation. Posted on social media platform TikTok, the young woman went to her father’s workplace to see his dress for the celebration.

From an account kept on a short video platform by a relative of the young woman, We could see how much this person loved her father because apart from going to celebrate her graduation, this girl took a little detour before coming to the party to see her father.

He worships his father

“Today is her graduation dance, she wanted to wait for her father to see her, he is a mason, he is a mason, he shook himself because it got dirty, but he didn’t want to ignore it, but she didn’t care, her face was better when she saw it, her princess was beautiful, thank you for your love, you are a great father, we are proud of you”The content description explains what this daughter and Lord show.

And it means that it can be seen in makeup and girl She dressed for graduation and met her father, who worked as a mason, due to his working day this material cannot be present during the ceremony. In this way, the girl did not think much about surprising this man who was happy to see her presence.

The video created more tenderness for the father’s actions as he saw how he arranged his little girl, He tried to clean his clothes so that he could hug her without damaging them. Finally, the clip also showed that the young woman was very excited about the material on the finishing stage.

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Users responded

The scene gained a lot of popularity to the point where it got many reactions from netizens who highlighted the love shown by this family. “How I wish my father loved me like this”; “I wanted to show it to my grandmother, but I couldn’t, I didn’t have enough money”; “I want to cry, I want to do the same, but he doesn’t remember me”There was some news.

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