These are the 5 most expensive space missions in history

Los Space projects They are companies that require substantial investments to run. from Technological development For the material and energy resources required in space, each mission represents a major financial challenge.

According to the magazine RichThese are five projects and Space projects Most expensive in history.

Five of the most expensive space missions in history

5) James Webb Space Telescope (8.8 billion)

Planned since 1996 by NASAThe ESA And this Canadian Space AgencyThe telescope ran into financial problems. 3 billion has been invested so far8,800 million projection for its full operation.

It was published on December 25, 2021, marks a milestone in the exploration of the universe. According to Space.comIt is the largest monitoring instrument ever built as a result of the collaboration of 14 countries.

Your main objective It is to replace the iconic Hubble and Spitzer telescopesOpens new frontiers in astronomical research.

4) Global Positioning System (12 billion)

Operated by NASA, This program is important in the development of space technology. With a fleet of 24 satellites, its annual maintenance cost reaches $750 million.

3) Apollo Space Program (25.4 billion)

This ambitious plan It took man to the moon. By the end of 1973, a total of 25.4 billion dollars had been invested, which in 2005 had increased to 170 billion.

Neil Armstrong Y Buzz Aldrin They became the first humans to walk on the lunar surface. Throughout the project, total Six men traveled to the moon Between 1969 and 1972, it contributed significantly to the advancement of space exploration and understanding of the universe.

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2) International Space Station (160 billion)

Known as the ISS, it is the largest space system built to date. Until 2010, The total investment for its construction and maintenance is 160 billion dollarsFunded by NASA, ESA and Russian Institute.

1) Space Shuttle Program (196 billion)

This project NASA Most expensive to date. Launched in 1972, it has completed 135 space missions with 6 reusable spacecraft. Among them are the tragic Columbia and ChallengerIt resulted in the deaths of 14 astronauts.

The project stood out for its reusability, making it a milestone in the history of space exploration. However, it faced challenges and tragedies such as the fatal crashes of Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003.

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