These are the games Alianza, Universitario and Cristal will play in the final of the Clausura Answers

Next Monday, October 23rd, is the last match on the 18th of the Clausura League 1 Betson 2023. As a result, there is only one date left to complete the regular season, where qualifications for international tournaments, eliminations and above all, the finalists competing for the national title will be defined. There are three Lima teams in contention for first place in the Clausura competition standings, Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal, in addition to Arequipa’s representative, Melgar.

The ‘Creams’, ‘Light Blues’ and ‘Red and Black’ will look to qualify for the playoffs on the final day to play in the semi-finals of the Peruvian tournament, while the ‘Blue and White’ should be declared national champions. At the end of the 19th day of play, automatically, the Clausura should become the champion of the tournament.

Which teams will compete for Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal in Liga 1 Betsson 2023 on 19th?

On the 19th, the last match of the 2023 Clausura, Sport will host Huancayo at the “U” Monument and Alianza Atlético Sullana at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium in Sporting Cristal. For its part, Alianza Lima will play against Deportivo Carcilazó in Cusco.

As for Melgar, who is likely to be the champion of the second part of the Peruvian tournament, he will end his participation against the Pinacional visiting Juliaca.

Where are UNIVERSITARIO DE DEPORTES, ALIANZA LIMA and Sporting Cristal ranked in the 2023 Clausura?

Universitario de Deportes is the current leader of the 2023 Clausura tournament with 36 points from 17 games played. Melkar is second with 35 marks. Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal are third (34 points) and fourth (33 points) respectively, although the beer side currently have only 16 games to play.

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Below, we show the current schedule of the 2023 Clausura tournament:

Team / Matches / Points

  1. University | 17 | 36 points.
  2. Melgar | 17 | 35 points.
  3. He started in Lima 17 | 34 points.
  4. Sporting Crystal | 16 | 33 points.
  5. ADT | 17 | 33 points.
  6. Game Huancayo | 16 | 26 points.
  7. Deportivo Carcilazo | 16 | 23 points.
  8. César Vallejo | 17 | 21 points.
  9. Scientist | 16 | 21 points.
  10. Game Boys | 16 | 20 points.
  11. UTC | 18 | 19 points.
  12. Cusco FC | 17 | 18 points.
  13. Binational | 16 | 17 points.
  14. Manuchi | 16 16 points
  15. Athletic Alliance | 17 | 16 points.
  16. Cantola | 16 | 14 points
  17. Union | 16 | 14 points.
  18. Atlético Grau | 15 | 12 points.
  19. Municipal Sports | 16 | 12 points.

What positions are Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal in the accumulated table?

In the accumulated table, Alianza Lima leads with 76 points, followed by “U” in second place with 70 units. Sporting Cristal is third with 68 points, while Melkar on the other hand appears with 60 points.

If the Clausura standings remain as they are, the national final will be played between Alianza Lima and Universitario, as both won the regular competition (Apertura and Clausura respectively) and are both in the top two of the pile.

On the other hand, Rímac and the Ate team will meet the other finalist in the semi-finals if Cristal surpasses the “U” in accumulation and fails to prevent the Clausura 2023 from being crowned champions. Compete in the finals for the national title of Liga 1 Betzone 2023. It should be noted that Alianza Lima has already made a final commitment.

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