These are the strangest things left by astronauts in space

The bad news is that in 2025, when its journey into Jupiter’s orbit ends, it’s scheduled to must be injected into the atmosphere Of the planet that signifies his farewell.

A large amount of stool

It is reasonable. Because Astronauts must dispose of waste And, of course, they poop. Also, all this waste has considerable weight, so it is essential to remove it so that the ships do not suffer the effects of that pile of shit.

Throughout the various Apollo missions to the Moon, records indicate that nearly 100 bags were filled with organic waste. But astronauts participating in these missions are trained to act. Thus, every time they left the ship to walk on the moon, they picked up the bags they had piled up like you would take out the garbage on a passing truck day. The only difference is that on the moon, there is no garbage collection service. therefore, All poop bags They are still where the astronauts went.

There are studies investigating the possibility of that Microorganisms in bags The stool has survived for years. What if that could be the starting point for life on the moon? Who knows what happens to the bacteria and microbes that humans leave behind!

Golf balls

Could this happen to an astronaut who reached the moon? Start playing golf In the absence of gravity? Absolutely! That’s what the now famous Alan Shepard did, he didn’t hesitate to enjoy his favorite pastime, he took advantage of the enormous golf course he had at his disposal.

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In theory he hit two golf balls and it remained on the surface of the moon. One of them is believed to have actually gone too far May have traveled A 2021 survey clarified that it had advanced only a few meters due to the long-term footing. The video above these lines recreates the exact moment Shepard played golf on the moon.

Various floating objects

Astronauts are trained not to let abandoned objects float because they could pose a hazard on future missions. However, there are times Little mistakes are made It keeps the objects floating there. The same is known to have happened to the kitchen spatula and glove, although there may be more items from other works from different countries, so who knows what will be floating around.

An example of humanity

They are defined as “golden records” and are discs of sound and image that reflect what human society is all about. That is the purpose A possible extraterrestrial civilization If you come across these posts at some point, you can get to know us a little better. There are two different ones, and they are composed of a selection of very special content, such as the classic sounds of human culture that define our way of life.

One of the golden disks that traveled in space on Voyager

These include the sound of waves crashing on the beach, children crying and greetings from our planet in more than 50 different languages. There are also songs that bring together artists like Chuck Berry or Mozart and review some of the most important musical themes in history. These capsules Summarize Earth’s history They passed Pluto decades ago, and calculations estimate it will take another 40,000 years to reach another planetary system.

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So, one day is unknown reaching the hands of an extraterrestrial civilization You may be surprised to discover that there is an intelligent community beyond your world. This initiative was born from the hands of the legendary Carl Sagan.

Other abandoned or forgotten things

All that we have told you is only a fraction of what mankind has left in the universe in its different missions in space. In part, there are other items that are left voluntarily. For example, a task led Ashes by Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. Also, on the surface of the moon, there is a small sample of some of the most notable works of art from the era it was sent to, thus including paintings by artists such as Andy Warhol. Maybe other civilizations can see it at some point.

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