They demand concrete steps to revive the economy in the country and fight informality

At the seventeenth extraordinary session of the Supervisory and Regulatory Commission, chaired by legislator Segundo Montalvo Cubas (PL), the Minister of Economy and Finance, José Arista Arbildo, presented his report on economic restructuring in the face of the social and economic crisis. In addition to actions implemented in support of short, medium and long term, mips.

In this sense, legislator Roberto Sánchez Palomino (CD-JPP) criticized Peru while pointing out the lack of the necessary policies to stop informality.

“We don't pay attention to leadership, which is worrying because we regulate to the legitimate 20% and we exclude other economies that are not in that 20%, so they are not seen in a responsible way. A state policy,” said Sánchez Palomino.

Regarding Sanke Port, he raised the need to create an autonomous authority or “Sanke Special Plan” so that it can be directly controlled. “We're not talking about a mega project, it's a new port industry for Peru, which will now be a Pacific port hub,” he added.

Jorge Marticorena Mendoza (PP) and Elias Varas Melendez (PP) agreed to emphasize the lack of action of the head of the Department of Economy, considering that there is a responsibility on the part of the executive, given the 80% informality that exists in the country.

“There is no result till date, the minister is not new to public administration, the only thing is (good) intentions. We are facing an inability to act,” Varas Melendez said.

Member of Parliament Kelly Portalatino Avalos (PL) announced some of the problems affecting Ancash. In this sense, he questioned the huge gaps in the first level of health care.

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He further expressed concern over the stalled work in his department that was left unfinished during the restructuring administration with the Transition Authority.

Before the session ended, Mondalvo Cubas, president of the Parliamentary Commission, gave a presentation by SBS's Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) Deputy Superintendent Sergio Javier Espinoza Ciroc and Attorney General Javier Pacheco Palacios. State, will be adjourned to a future session.

Likewise, a letter was read from the regional governor of Cusco, Werner Maximo Salcedo Alvarez, who justified his absence from the current session and requested a new schedule.

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