They explain the lack of Sheikah technology in Zelda: TOT

They explain the lack of Sheikah technology in Zelda: TOT

Even though The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released a few months ago, some fans are still asking a few questions, the first being whether it will ever get expansions and DLC. For its part, there are story issues that don’t make sense to some, and what happened with the technology is more significant. Sheikha appeared Breath of the Wild.

Fortunately, there is already an answer to this last question, or the video game’s director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi commented on the topic in a recent interview, but not the answer followers really wanted. It only says that he “simply disappeared with Kanan the Calamity,” the citizens Hyrule They are witnesses, but no one knows why it happened.

Here is the answer from that Fujibayashi:

The Sheikah technology disappeared after the Scourge was defeated. All the people of Hyrule saw this, but no one knew the mechanism or reason for their disappearance, and it was considered a mystery. Since the cataclysm disappeared, they too are believed to have disappeared as their role was fulfilled.

Anyway, mysterious events and strange occurrences are common in Hyrule. Therefore, people simply assume that the reason behind the disappearance may be related to ancient Sheikah technology, and no one seems to have tried to investigate the matter further. The main civilizations in each game are completely different, so we think about the game in terms of concepts that apply to each of these civilizations.

That is, it again shows that they don’t really want to give much importance or logic to the disappearance of said technology, instead the developers are focusing on making the main part of the title, the gameplay. Even so, fans of the franchise will definitely be left with an underwhelming taste in their mouths.

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Author’s note: Even with these vague statements, I can see that there are people making half-hour videos explaining why this technology is missing, so some people may not like the answer and others may.


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