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Sports has the broadcasting rights to most of the 1190 Ligue 1 clubs. Photo: Fabrizio Oviedo/Collection of Antina

In 2023, the start of Ligue 1 was marked by controversy between Peruvian Football Confederation (GolPerú)With its affiliates such as Alianza Lima, and Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) For the right to telecast the matches. The fight between the two organizations influenced the first days of the Peruvian competition, with Ligue 1 Max not allowing teams to broadcast after some clubs decided not to appear in their matches. After a series of lawsuits that reached the Department of Justice and the Superior Court of Lima, the company settled. 1190 gameFinally, it will own most of the teams' television rights.

This new agency, linked to the FPF headed by Agustin Lozano, arrived in Peruvian football last season with a long-term plan that included a series of reforms in national football. However, last Thursday, February 22, the company reported a loss of $44 million in its first year.

What are the costs and revenues of 1190 games (Liga 1 Max) in 2023?

According to Ovación journalist Carlos Benavente, 1190 Sports spent 55 million dollars and received only 11 million: 7 million collected from advertising and 4 million from subscriptions. Therefore, showing the difference between expenses and income, there was a loss of 44 million.

“After seeing the Television Commission report, the clubs are worried because the numbers are so bad. And in 2023 there are $55 million in expenses, of which $11 million is raised ($7 from advertising and $4 from subscribers). For now, the promise is that “clubs will not get 70% of the profits”He wrote on his official X account.

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What did Alberto Baingolia say about the expenses and income of 1190 Sports?

The lawyer and sports commentator criticized this business model due to the losses revealed after the first report of the new company's contract.

What did 1190 Sports say after knowing its cost and revenue in 2023?

Aware of this, last Friday, February 23, the global organization issued a press release to the League's Steering Committee on the first annual report of the work carried out in 2023. This report is a far cry from what was reported a few days ago. 1190 Sports said that they have achieved the first set of goals A 13-year plan in which major investment is to be made in the first and second years. And, he points out The project requires an investment of US$70 million, more than 50% of which will be deployed by 2023.

As per this announcement, the company has Give clubs more than 20% of revenue by 2022, which included “a US$500,000 bonus for entering the scheme, totaling over US$40 million in payouts.” Likewise, they have proposed a new government structure and mention that they have also “democratized” soccer – “with 16 pay TV operators in the country, through two new TV channels, Liga 1 and Liga 1 Max, since Liga 1 will be available to Peruvians”-; In addition, they implemented the first anti-piracy campaign among others.

Press release from 1190 Sport about its operations in Peru in 2023. Photo: 1190 Sports

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