This is a new technology that wants to ‘open source’ 5G.

Los 5G data connections They are increasing in our daily life. Long gone are the days when installations of these antennas created controversy due to long-term effects on health.

The truth is that currently, 5G coverage has already reached 82% of the populationAccording to the latest version of the report on broadband coverage in Spain published by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure.

Additionally, Most of the investments in mobile networks are reserved for 5G infrastructureAs of June 30, 2022, it has increased by over 23 percentage points to reach 82.36% through different technology solutions (new radio and DSS).

The technology behind 5G

How can we appreciate, High-speed mobile networks are gradually reaching every corner of urban and rural areas. In this sense, the challenge now is to develop them further Skilled And, in the not too distant future, ‘open source’ too.

That’s what companies like Orange are doing, which has successfully completed a pilot program. 5G SA data connectivity with OpenRAN (or open a radio access network).

A technology Promotes interoperability of the different components that make up radio access equipment, by using virtualization and open standards. Unlike current radio access networks that use proprietary technologies, a new methodology aimed at creating open source facilities.

Thus, OpenRAN offers three major advantages: To encourage the entry of new suppliers into this technology domain, reduce deployment and operational costs and in particular, Accelerating delivery of new services to customers.

High-level cooperation

To achieve this, Orange Spain led a team with technology partners such as HPE, Casa Systems, Mavenir and Dell Technologies. Deploy OpenRAN nodes connected to the Core Cloud Native 5G SA networkand create a successful data connection.

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In this way, the company takes another step in its network strategy after becoming the country’s first operator to commercially launch its 5G SA mobile network (with the trade name 5G+) in February 2023.

“This technology drives competition and innovation by welcoming new suppliers into this technology domain, but Significantly reduces operating costs and deployment through automation,” explains Monica Sala, Network Director of Orange Spain.

A huge leap forward in 5G

OpenRAN technology, combined with the benefits of 5G SA networks, Let the 5G network, both core and access, be used within 1 hour. Faster and more efficient implementation of infrastructure thanks to the automation capabilities these new technologies allow.

Also, it allows Dynamic management of end-to-end virtual networksPrioritization of traffic and adherence to security policies are critical in providing critical communications services, especially communications for security forces.

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