Tiago Cantoro had strong words against Universitario before their match with Cusco FC

Attacker Tiago Cantoro is currently under current contract with Universitario de Deportes but is on loan at Cusco FC this season.

Tiago Cantoro spoke a few days after the Universitario vs. Cusco FC. | Photo: Liga 1 / Libero combination

Diego Cantoro Failed to shine in the starting eleven Sports University Last season, he took credit for it Cusco FC. However, one of the stipulations in the contract does not allow him to play against Cream for the Apertura tournament.

Speaking to GOL PERÚ, the striker promised to attend the clash between the two teams. Even so, the son of ex-footballer Mauro Cantoro admits that this is unlikely and decided to voice his opinion on the issue.

“It’s because of a clause in the loan agreement. Obviously my father and I don’t agree because I think if a team gives you a loan it should shoot and have minutes. As a player, you always want to. Play whatever the party is. I’m a little sad about that role. am”, He pointed out.

He later added: “It’s a good game but I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m waiting, I love it. If I don’t have to be there, I’ll be out there supporting my teammates so they can get a better result. After that game “We’ll think about what’s next. You have to think about it daily. Now the goal is the next game, you don’t have to think about anything else. rather than that”.

When will Universitario and Cusco FC play?

Universitario vs. Cusco FC They will face each other at the Memorial Stadium on Friday, June 2 for the 18th opener. The match will be played in Ligue 1 2023 at 8pm.

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