Tierra de Esperanza Chapter 49 Concluded by Canal de las Estrellas: Did María Teresa apologize to Santos?

The novel is its last stretch! You will know in this note What happened between Santos and Maria Teresa In this Thursday’s episode.

“Land of Hope” and Its Anticipated Chapter 49: What Will Happen? | Photo: Univision

“Land of Hope” has been mesmerizing thousands of people with its unique shows Carolina Miranda and Andres Palacios. Both characters’ storylines generate all sorts of reactions Television viewers.

Under this line, there is not a single Mexican who can miss the episodes of this production. Maria TheresaA young woman is forced to take possession of her property after her father unjustifiably fears that he is imprisoned for embezzlement and both lose all but one of their properties. hope.

What Happened in “Land of Hope” Episode 49?

In episode 49 of the soap opera, María was “shocked” to learn that her father, Esteban, changed his will before losing his life.. In this way, the heroine can find out that she and Valentina are actually sisters.

For his part, CAbadas Santos was released from prison Because of the evidence presented to the government and, above all, the statements of Clemente and Camila. Did Maria Teresa apologize to him for not believing his word?

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