Tilsa Lozano Uncomfortably Live With Brunella Horna Over Milett Figueroa Affair: “Your Husband Acuna…Already” Video Barandula | Showcase

Hey nooooo. Tilsa Lozano He was invited to America Hoy, but he played a tense moment with Brunella Horna. This happened when the host asked her what she thought of her “friend” Milet Figueroa, because the models were in discussions years ago.

Brunella Horna interrupts Tilsa live for comment

To this, Tilsa Lozano responded to everything and pointed out the alleged affair between Milet Figueroa and a member of the Acuna family.

“Like you, don’t act crazy (Brunella: What? I have nothing against Miletus), but they’re not friends either. A few years ago, Zorro (Zoop) told me, I remember some messages you gave him. ¿Your husband is aguna, isn’t he? good then…“, he said.

A few years ago, there was speculation about an alleged relationship between Cesar Acuna Jr. and Milet Figueroa; However, the same model insisted that they were friends.

What Milet Figueroa had to say about Cesar Acuna Jr.: “I considered him my friend”

In an interview with Amor y Fuego, Milett Figueroa was asked about the whole controversy with César Acuña Jr.

“I know a lot of people, about Aguna, I definitely know him, but absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing. I know him, he’s a gentleman, but nothing happened (he didn’t try something),” he revealed a few months ago.

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