Today, March 31 in the Dominican Republic: Live report and latest news on the earthquake via CNS | composition

Dominican Republic, Being a seismic country, its population is constantly on alert, forcing the central government and the entire population to put together a family emergency plan in case of tremors or an earthquake. The country lies on two important fault lines viz The Hispaniola Trench and the Northern Fault Zone; For this reason, telluric movements are recorded daily – some incomprehensible. For this reason, we inform you how to act before, during and after a natural event; Additionally, it tells you the exact timing, magnitude and location of earthquakes in real time.

He The agency responsible for informing citizens about earthquakes recorded on the island of Hispaniola is detected by a network of seismometers strategically located in the country's main municipalities. Santo Domingo (located on the Enriqueville-Blantine Garden Fault), Santiago de los Caballeros, Puerto Plata and Samana.

Tremors in the Dominican Republic today, March 31, via CNS LIVE

I share with you the latest report of earthquakes recorded by CNS in the Dominican Republic with data such as time, epicenter and magnitude; Additionally, relevant information about these events.

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