Today, May 14th – Exact Time, Magnitude and Location of Earthquake in Peru by IGP | composition

Peru Located in Pacific Ring of Fire, the area where 90% of the planet’s seismic activity is concentrated. This explains the frequency of minor earthquakes and tremors in the country. He It monitors and reports these events in real-time through its official channels.

The South American plate Face to face Nazca plate At a rate of about 6 cm per year. This continuous process creates the seismic activity that Peru experiences. It is important to understand that this natural phenomenon does not stop, so we must be prepared to face earthquakes of different magnitudes.

In management Mix, we bring you live information about the latest earthquakes recorded in Peru today, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Details such as magnitude, location, date and time of earthquakes can be found here. Additionally, we put recommendations at your disposal National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) So you can prepare for a possible earthquake.

Earthquake in Peru today, May 14 – IGP reports live

It is important for Peruvian citizens to know how to prevent the effects of a tremor or earthquake, and to know the most recent reports of the IGP so that they are informed about such events in the South American country. Below, we share the latest updates:

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