Today’s BCV Dollar Rate: Central Bank of Venezuela shares updated rate | Answers

According to the Central Bank of Venezuela, the price of the BCV dollar was updated today at 36.57 bolivars. (P.C.V) Likewise, those who want to know the equivalent exchange rate can enter the website Dollar today Or the dollar monitor, established based on the supply/demand of bolivars in the major cities of the plains country.

How much is the dollar worth in Venezuela today?

Here’s what the dollar was quoting in Venezuela on its last day, according to the central bank:

What is Dollartoday?

It is a Venezuelan-American media company run by Venezuelans living in the United States that focuses on political and financial affairs in Venezuela.

What is a dollar monitor?

Dollar Monitor is a platform that publishes averages of the dollar in Venezuela on a daily basis in the parallel currency market.

Which country’s bonds were delivered in September?

Below are the four national bonuses distributed from September 11 to 17, 2023:

  • Anti-warfare bonus for public servants
  • Bonus for public sector retirees against economic warfare
  • Job Bonus for Youth
  • Bonus we are Venezuela.

What is the amount of La Patria bonds?

Venezuelans who are part of this economic benefit can collect the amount established by their subsidy. Here, we provide you with a list where you can find the money you need to collect.

  • Anti-Warfare Bonus for Public Servants – 945 bolivars.
  • Anti-warfare bonus for public sector pensioners – 1,545 bolivars.
  • Youth Samba Bonus – 168, 80 bolivars.
  • BONUS WE ARE VENEZUELA – 168, 80 bolivars.

So far, it is important to note that Nicolás Maduro’s government has not established a delivery date. The delivery date for the economic war bonus is estimated to be set in the next few days.

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How to collect the first special bonus in September?

Those who want to avail this financial benefit should register on Patria site only and follow the steps listed below.

  • Enter the native setting.
  • Go to ‘Wallet’ and go to ‘Withdrawal’.
  • Select options for: origin, amount and destination of funds.
  • Click ‘Accept’
  • Wait for a confirmation message about the operation performed.
  • Finally, you will have money.

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