Tragedy in Huancavelica LIVE: More than 20 killed as Molina company bus falls into ditch

Two families were traveling in the bus that crashed

According to the crew list, the Alcaraz and Pina families were in the accident vehicle. The two groups are composed of four and three persons respectively.

Police, firefighters and community members participated in rescuing the injured and dead – Credit: Facebook / Red Noticias

The driver was not listed among the injured

The driver of the bus that crashed Huancavelica, Miguel Angel Riveros Ticse; And the co-pilot, Johnny Jesus Ticlas Rojas, was not listed as injured.

The injured were transferred to Huanta Hospital – Credit: Facebook / Peru News

List of passengers involved in the accident

The following people were seen boarding the bus at one of the Molina Company terminals:

  • Diego Ore Pena
  • Antonia Rodriguez Perez
  • Roxana Mendoza Billaca
  • Melanie Mirella Caceres
  • Lucio Mendoza Perez
  • Ahmed Huacachi Human
  • AOA
  • AGA
  • IGA
  • Edith Ditto Arotoma
  • Mayra Guzman de la Cruz
  • George Alba de la Calle
  • Flor Palomino Martinez
  • Jose Fernando Fonseca Bautista
  • Gabriel Sosa Cordova
  • Gian Paul Alexis Bilco Rondinal
  • Gilberto Chavez Bustamante
  • Angelica Guispe Godoi
  • Alvarado Max Coronado
  • Florisa Maxime Salvatierra ore
  • Natalie Ponce Lewis
  • Edson Apahuasco Paca
  • Lucero Geraldine Wilkamich
  • Max Jr. Calderon was scared
  • Abner Garcia Ochoa
  • Sarah Brittney Dow
  • Lucila Doda Isaguirre de Jeri
  • Fran Gonzales Guerreros
  • Percy Billaca Obregon
  • Frank Bellito Mendez
  • Gladys Ticse Tejeda
  • Christel Sansa Tejada
  • YMPS
  • YMPS
  • Miguel Pina Vielma
  • Maria Valera Valera
  • A.E.V.V
  • Ana Claudia Roman Mendoza
  • Nayeli Kolka Quisbe
  • Max Alex Gutierrez Gutierrez
  • Laura Izquierda Jorsi
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Central Highway: Police killed in accident

A second Petty Officer, Angel Aguirre Padilla, died in a car accident at kilometer 100 on the Central Highway in Chosica. The officer traveled with three injured colleagues. Among them is PNP Col. Walter Palomino, head of the Green Force.

According to RBP, the unit the agents were traveling in collided with a trailer truck traveling in the opposite direction on the road. Similarly, they stated that policemen from the San Mateo Police Station arrived at the scene to take their colleagues to Matukana and Sosika hospitals.

Although the police have not released any statement on the matter, the media reported that Col. Walter Palomino and other victims will be admitted to the police hospital in the Lima district of Jesus Maria.

Huancavelica: Two dead on the road

In another accident reported in Huancavelica, two people died and ten were injured when the van they were traveling in fell into a nearly 60-meter ditch. The incident occurred at Kilometer 176+200 of the Huancayo – Huancavelica highway in Acostambo District.

The vehicle overturned on a cliff while the driver was checking for mechanical failure. Joel Kevin Cayetano Quicha (23) and a three-year-old minor were the only passengers who died.

Sutra makes a statement

The Monitoring of land transport of people, goods and cargo (Sutran) reports that according to preliminary investigations, the unit has current documents such as National Accreditation for Land Passenger Transport Service, Compulsory Accident Insurance (SOAT) and Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate (CITV).

“At this time, Sutran is continuing the investigations established within the framework of its powers and is coordinating with the relevant agencies to determine the relevant actions,” the statement said.

The Sutra promises to proceed with due diligence to determine the appropriate measures – Credit Sutra
A bus belonging to the Molina Transport Company, which was traveling from Ayacucho to Huancayo, was involved in a traffic accident around 1:30 am. | Radio Master Mix

More than 20 people were killed when a bus from a transport company collided in the early hours of Monday, September 18. Molina International ExpressOn his way to June, he lost his way and fell 200 meters into a ravine. Huancavelica. The incident took place at kilometer 165 of the connecting highway Huancayo Y Ayakucho.

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The incident took place in the Huacoto sector, located between Anco and Quichuas districts of the province. Surgamba.

Huancavelica’s Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) reported a list of 36 injured, including three minors and one Venezuelan.

List of injured from Molina company bus – Credit: Facebook / Red Informativa

According to the Ayacucho Regional Health Directorate, 11 injured people are being treated at the Huanda Support Hospital, while one person has been referred to the Ayacucho Regional Hospital.

Company Andean He said the bushes prevented the bus from falling into the Mandaro River and the locals were the first to come and help the victims.

Police, firefighters and community members participated in rescuing the injured and dead – Credit: Facebook / Red Noticias

employees from General Fire Department From Churcampa and Huanta province. Likewise, agents National Police of Peru Ancovin (PNP), community members, brigade members and experts from Churcampa Health Network also visited the area.

According to the portal Ayacucho Update News, 45 people were traveling in the vehicle, 5 of them minors. However, more people would have boarded the bus during the journey.

The personnel of La Esmeralda de Huanta Fire Company took the injured to the emergency hospital in the city of Huanta. | Facebook / Ok TV

In that regard, a citizen told Correo Huancayo that his wife traveled the same route, but she was not included in the official passenger list because she boarded that route. He also said that he has not been given any information about his relative so far.

One also asked for a list of dead passengers. “We don’t know anything. A representative of the Molina company. “How many people come and find out,” he told the portal. Spicy.

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A group of citizens approached one of the Molina company terminals in Ayacucho to ask for information about the incident.

For its part, a company spokesperson said Andean Expressing grief over the accident, they promised to take care of the relatives of the dead and injured.

The bus goes from Huancayo to Ayacucho- Credit: Facebook / Red Informativa

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