Tremors in Peru today, Monday, March 4 – New official seismic record via IGP | composition

Today, March 4th At 9:45 a.m Earthquake of Size 4.5 Southwest Sosica, LimaY Does not create a tsunami On the Peruvian coast; According to (Dihydronau).

As we know, Peru It is located on the South American tectonic plate, which collides head-on with the Nazca plate, and when they come to friction, they create tension, which is released in the form of tremors or earthquakes. That way, I will let you know with the latest update together with , which receives its data from the National Seismic Network, which is developed and integrated by a series of velocity, acceleration and displacement sensors distributed across the country. Find out data such as time, size, epicenter and more details of the most recent event in areas such as Ɓncash, Lima, Ica, Moquegua, Arequipa, among other areas where they occur frequently.

Live Tremors in Peru today, March 4

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What should be in an emergency bag?

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