Trump lashes out at DeSantis in Piers Morgan interview

Former President Trump took a swing at Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) on Wednesday after the Florida governor slammed him in an interview with Fox Nation’s Piers Morgan, another showdown between the two GOP stalwarts preparing for what could be 2024. Presidential primary race.

A Interview Fox Nation’s “Pierce Morgan Uncensored” aired Thursday and was released in part. Via The New York PostDeSantis shifted from his previously veiled stance to directly addressing the former president’s attacks with his own jabs at Trump’s character and leadership.

Trump, who is facing charges in New York for paying adult film star Stormy Daniels, The real community to answer to For DeSantis.

“Ron DeSanctimonius is not working for the people of Florida while I fight against the far-left lunatics, harassers, and unfair prosecutors who want to destroy us all. He’s too busy being a ratings-challenged TV host from England, desperately trying to salvage his failed campaign — but it’s My fault, I put him there!” he said.

Trump’s comments underscored his team’s effort to make DeSantis appear disloyal to him in the face of New York prosecutors.

DeSantis has been critical of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock, but has taken a swipe at Trump’s connection to Daniels.

Trump announced his 2024 campaign after the midterms in November — and while DeSantis hasn’t formally announced a bid, he’s indicated he’s preparing for a possible bid and could make a decision after Florida’s legislative session ends in May.

With the 2024 vote on the horizon, DeSantis has hinted that she could challenge the former president for four more years in the White House.

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But the Trump-affiliated super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. said DeSantis’ interview with Morgan came as the Florida governor “continues to decline in his poll numbers against President Trump.” The committee noted that a Monmouth University poll This month found Trump up 14 points over DeSantis after the two were tied in a February poll.

Trump endorsed DeSantis when he ran for Florida governor again in 2018, a move the former president said he “probably” regrets. DeSantis told Morgan of the pair’s relationship, “The main thing that changed his song was my re-election victory.”

In his latest Truth Community post about the Florida governor, Trump specifically invoked his “Ron Desanctimonious” moniker, which Trump coined prior to the midterms and reportedly workshopped as part of his campaign preparation. DeSantis said in the Morgan interview that he likes the nickname “a little bit.”

“I don’t know how to spell holy. “I don’t know what it means, but I like it, it’s long, it has a lot of vowels,” DeSantis said of the nickname.

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