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Consultation of academic degrees can be done virtually. Photo: Alvaro Lozano/La Repubblica/Composite by Tsunedu

National Observatory of Higher University Education (sound) announced recent changes made to the regulations of the National Register of Titles and Titles. Through this, university students and faculty will learn about the new rules that will reduce the time for registration of different academic degrees, according to the relevant specializations.

The work table organized by Sunedu detailed how the new registration process for undergraduate, professional and teaching degrees in various specialties will be. These changes are changes to the National Research Work Registry (RENATI) and the implementation of Act 31520, which re-establishes autonomy and agency. Universities From Peru.

These changes include the registration process for degrees and titles, as well as rules to ensure that both students and faculty continue to develop Investigation in the country. In addition, the organization invites university students and citizens in general to review these current regulations on the Sunedu web site.

National Register of Degrees and Titles

The Sunedu service provides free information and advice to citizens who want to know if theirs is Topics They are in the name of the nation and for those who seek their recognition internationally. If a graduate student has not registered his or her degree in this system, he or she should contact his or her university.

How to search for my degree in Tsunedu?

To find out if your degree is registered with the Superintendent Education At the highest level of the country, you should follow the following steps:

  • Enter Sunedu website by clicking Here
  • Go to the item ‘Check if you are registered with the National Register of Titles and Titles’.
  • Enter requested data like ID number, surnames and first names and captcha code
  • Select ‘Search’.
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How to update data in Tsunedu?

To change the information registered on the Sunedu website, you must send your request to email [email protected]. You must send the following information with your request:

  • Valid ID
  • Diploma related to wrong registration
  • Details of incorrect or missing information and correction thereof

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