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This Sunday, the President Turkey itself, Recipe Tayyip ErdoganAfter being elected for the first time in 2003, he has won elections and has been in power for a third decade. Fears of more authoritarian policies being used in the Eurasian country have already grown, which has already polarized the country.

His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, described the elections as “Very unfair in recent years”, but did not stand against the decision. Erdogan won 52.1% of the vote, compared to Kilicdaroglu’s 47.9%, indicating an even more divided country.

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The election was seen as a crucial one for Turkey, as the opposition hoped to oust Erdogan and change his policies after his popularity was hit by the cost-of-living crisis.

“My real regret is the difficulties that await the country”said secular opposition leader Kilicdaroglu.

The prospect of another five years in government is a blow to his opponents, who accuse him of undermining democracy while amassing more power, which he denies.

Turkey’s NATO allies are likely to mourn Kilikdaroglu’s defeat, alarmed by Erdogan’s ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who congratulated his “dear friend” on his victory.

Turkey is the only winnerErdogan, 69, addressed supporters from the top of a bus in Istanbul.

Erdogan has become the longest-serving leader since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded modern Turkey on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire a century ago, a politically high anniversary that will be celebrated with him at the helm in October.

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